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They take Irritators away


Here’s the new fierce event after ver.1.7.

Here’s the old fierce creatures list.

Hmm…really? Fierce event is the only chance we can get extra Irritator DNA…


I’ll take anything at this point.

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hmm but why change the original “place holder” and not add any new creatures? im more upset that theres no anky now.

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As you can see the 1.7 is fierce+armor. Clearly irritator doesn’t belong because he doesn’t have armor.


Armor is for strike towers.

All event supply drop creatures don’t have armor.


This weekly bait-and-switch from Ludia is getting a little tiresome.


Every time they change it I am just a little closer to slamming my head into a wall covered in spikes.


on the bright side, they added Baryonyx… which means we get 3 more chances to dart T-Rex, because its not like baryonyx is hard to find or anything.


Does anyone know when the update will be completed. Especially for the android apps?


this cracked me up.


LOL that’s a good point.
If they keep the Ankylo + Sino + T-rex, I wouldn’t be able to decide which one to dart.
But for the new list…just go for 9 T-rex without hesitation.

Still feel sorry for my Magna.


Im beyond sick of the bait-and-switch too.