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They tore my team😭

They nerfed nemys, they nerfed procersthomimus, they nerfed two indo, nerfed maxima, constrictor and tryko

But thor benefits, draco more health and a hybrid

I no longer have a team☹


Maxima nerf? Not at all. Maxima got buffed. It’s probably the best creature in the game now replacing Entelomoth.

The Tryko changes may not be a nerf actually, but we’ll find out when the patch drops.


I have no sympathy. You used indo g2 AND procera


Smilonemys and indo g2😭

Would’ve preferred CS get some of its stuffed removed, but the new moves/abilities/resistances will definitely weaken CS.

Me too :frowning:

They were good, I did not use them with exaggerated increases, I used them with about 2 or 3 and nothing else

and what’s wrong with him using these creatures? if it was in the game, it’s for use.

How did Thor get a buff? It lot it’s rampage and is the slowest thing on the planet apart from trex :joy:

With me the same thing, I only use them in PvP combat, not in Arena

They’re cheap and don’t require much skill to use. And I hated fighting them in the arena. I’m glad they finally nerfed procera into the ground

This was good for new players and I found the proceratomimus weak even before they nerfed, I beat him with titanoboa and Alanqa

Monomimus it’s literally the new procera :joy::joy: but a little better with swap in evassive

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Yeah kkkkk

10 Characters

I mean… Another way to look at this is - time for a fresh start and enjoying new creatures!


And arena variety

Ik, even in the current meta, I used ProRat, but always left Indo G2 at lvl 16 only for the sole purpose of using it in Skill Tourneys. I couldnt stand the thought of spamming a basic move that could singlehandedly carry your team

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Its hp got buffed but it got its immunity taken away

Tryko’s change is not a nerf. Sure it’s stats are lowered, but Resilient counter attack is OP. Tryko can no longer be distracted with attacks, and it can slow speedsters. Basically Tryko, who used to be countered by distracters and speedsters, now destroys them.


If Ludia nerfed so hard Indo Indo g2 it’s may because of Beaver who complained always about Indo g2 lol

Tbh I’m not mad they nerfed it, I didn’t want they nerfed Indo g2 cuz it’s the only good counter to Moth in 1.14 but Moth gets oofed so there’s absolutely no reasons for me to don’t nerf it

I’d rather they removed speed up effect from CS but I’d be fine with that