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They toy with tournaments too much


This is ridiculous… I can play a thousand matches between tournaments and everything go fine, back and forth win/losses no problem. But it seems every single tournament they toy with RNG way too much. Dropped way out of the top 500 because of horrible RNG. No stun has landed, At All! I have dodge 1 freaking strike the whole time. And Thor can’t crit to save his life… If you’re going to run these tournaments back to back, atleast keep the RNG level… 75% is 75% not 0%…


Since the tournament started, I’ve dropped down by 500 trophies. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen my opponent crit me so many times, and I’ve never dropped down by that many before.

There were a few battles which I lost strictly because the other player had better dinos or were generally more skilled, and I’m fine with those ones at least. I’m just going to drop down to Badlands and cause some havoc there instead (don’t worry, I’ll choose appropriately levelled dinos for that area).


I was 5300 trophies then went on a 1-18 loss streak. Good times


Yea I’ve lost because other guys dinos we’re far better, I’ve lost a couple on bonehead moves… But 93% of my losses are just horrible RNG. I went from top 400 to looking on the outside of 4700… It’s ridiculous…


I have been matched against some great teams, which obviously should be much higher than 4.8k trophies (after reset)… Have played some very tight games and have had 3 draws in 2 days, which is unusual… I guess it’s to be expected at the beginning of tournaments since, owing to the trophy reset, many good players find themselves in a very narrow trophy range (4.7 to 5.0k)…


Hmm, my observations so far.

Before tournament I was around 5106 trophies and was reset to about 4800 trophies. I’ve since climbed my way back into the 5000 trophy area.

I’m facing a lot of teams where their team average is around lvl 28, mine is around 24. It’s super tough right now, but with my team and strategies I’m finding a way. I’ve had some absolutely brutal losses including facing teams with lvl 30 Thor, and lvl 30 Rinex. There’s no way I should be matching these teams but for some reason I am.

Pretty much just going to battle for incubators from here until tournament is over.

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The matchmaking has been all over the map, losing so many trophies when I lose that it takes 4 wins to make it up. Going to keep trying until I get back over 5000 then grab some marshmallows.


Example. I just fought a 26 Indo who dodged every move AND crit every single attack…


I defeated 5 in a row last evening- very happy.

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I read on one of the threads that during tourneys, they set up bots to play in battles. Is this true? That could possibly be why there are so many “very lucky” opponents out there, because it’s rigged. Heard it was due to the drop of people playing the game…:thinking:


Ive actually had a Similar experience these last few days, opponents dodging everything while I dodge nothing as well as going 0-11 on stuns which statistically is like winning the lottery while being struck by lightning during a shark attack… But remember that there is a personon the opposite side having the reverse. I always remember that Im not singled out to fail, it will even out


Bots are only when there is no one else to fighting, it will ask if you wish to fight an AI.


Oh good to know, thanks ! I never experienced that before


Also fell like 200 throphies today, happens during every tournament to keep me under 4500… i ussually get back, but I am tired of trying to keep myself over 4500 for 1 stupid epic incubator that will only give me trash dinos most of the time…

At least I haven’t payed any real money into the game and never will… but still it’s frustrating how long it takes to create uniques… plus the supply drops lately have only been mostly darts, green drops have been too few, nerfs and illogical buffs like draco gen 2 (which I consider as if it were cheating when used in the arena, cause it’s just not normal and in any circimstances fair)…

I keep wondering why am I still playing… maybe because I love dinosaurs and I see the potential this game could have if it wasn’t in incompetent hands…

So sad…


I battle not because I enjoy it because I don’t, I battle for incubator slots and battle tokens. I don’t like the battling because it’s based more on luck than skill.

Trying to get my battle incubators today and I’ve won 3 out of 12 battles. Almost everybody I battled today has used stun dinosaurs (2 to 4 stuns on average per battle) and not a single of their stuns has missed my non-immune dinosaurs. Although it’s not impossible for 24+ stuns to hit before a single one misses, it is highly improbable. And this was throughout the day because after multiple losses I would set the game aside for a while.


I can deal with the rng issues, but when I win and lose trophies I get really frustrated! I sent support an email, hope it is fixable.