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They were true to their word. The boss strike is very scary

Shockingly, I lost the first time with my team of 25-27 uniques. Beat it on my second try though. I did appreciate the challenge though.


How were you able to take them down that second time?

Not gonna lie, a fair amount of luck. At one point the IndoG2 used mutual fury on my thor rather than hitting it with a cautious strike which allowed me to cleanly kill it with minimal damage, and have enough health to survive a definite strike from IndomG2 for the win.

Made it at first attempt with lvl 26 Thor, lvl 22 Quetzorion and lvl 26 Tenonto. First came IndoGenII, then epic Indom and legendary Indom.

It was a close one with 3:2 and I was lucky cuz AI didn‘t use cloak. With that 75% dodge chance now this could‘ve ruined it.

But I‘m happy. Recorded it and got 1 Indoraptor DNA in my incubator. :joy::joy:


But unlike epic towers during boosts 1.0, this time it was a real challenge and I actually had to think instead of letting my Thor chomp through the opponent‘s team. Loved it. :slight_smile:


Agreed, I thought about it too, then boosted my 27 Smilonemys, 29 magna for this strike and maxima and erlidom was already somewhat boosted.

But then in the end only Maxima killed them from start:

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Got thru first attempt. Won 3-1. I used Indoraptor. Swap in Tryko. Swap in Indoraptor again when Tryko fainted. Both mine are L30. Slightly boosted 3/3/3 Indorap. And 3/3/0 Tryko.

Just to let all know that when the 2nd Dino is down, there will be a swapping in and out between the 3rd and 4th Dino.

Good luck to all…:+1:

Cautious strike against Indoraptor G2 it did the same. Second strike cautious again so I keep my speed it did mutual fury. But because I kept my speed I did rampage and finished it off. Indoraptor I did 1 cautious strike, second rampage. Indominus cautious strike, it swapped to indom gen 2 so again cautious strike, switched back to indom cautious strike, it cloaked, I finished off with rampage

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Only the top players will be able to do it. I’m level 19 with a team of levels 22-23 and one 24 indo G1. Not a chance. Got my whole team destroyed by Indo G2 while just barely hurting him.

I beat it with Ardonto lvl 19 unboosted + Erlikospyx lvl 21 (T3 HP, T4 speed) + Erlidom lvl 23 (T10 HP, T13 A). AI used Indor G2, Indom G2, and Indom.

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Took me 2 tries, but I beat it with a lv 16 thyla, 21 10/9/1 tryko, 20 DC and 20 Smiloceph. The amount of luck needed for lower level teams is astounding, but it is possible. I was lucky enough to only have to face indo g2 as it kept swapping.


I used maxima, Tenanto, erlidom and quetzorion

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I had Indo gen 2 knock out my first two guys, then my Thor and Dracoceratops easily finished off everyone. It was a really weird battle for me.

My team got floored thanks to some seriously bad RNG.

Like Poezzzie, I started out with Indoraptor G2, but the opposing G2 used CS twice and knocked out my level 21 Indoraptor G2. Then it just went downhill from there, with the opponents dodging everything I sent out. Tried switching to Quetzorion, but of course Indo2 was already speeding away, and got a guaranteed hit on her before she could even attack.

You would be surprised what a stegod can do, especially when slightly boosted in speed.

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Honestly didn’t think I’d win against four L30s though. All my other dinos (except thor and stegod) are L27 or lower and not well boosted.

Lvl 27 is not that low though :sweat_smile:

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Basically your indo just dodged everything right?

Dude I beated them with my level 23 maxims, Tenanto, erlidom and lvl 22 quetzorion, it’s not hard if you have the right dinos


This one was a bit tricky though compared to previous epic strike tower ^^ not everyone got the same opener, I got indominus gen 2 instead of indo