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They will never change it

Yup, here’s yet another player getting hacked off at the arena matching system.

I raised a ticket with Ludia and expressed my annoyance at being picked to battle players who dino’s range a good 5-8 levels higher than me. Their solution wasn’t to agree that the matching system should be changed to reflect say the average level of the opponents battle team, oh no…that would be too straight forward for them… no, their answer was not to play the arena and go and catch dinos so i could do the same back to the rest of the player base…mmm spread the love…

Yeh thanks Ludia…that’s going to keep your player base healthy…better spend those £££’s before we desert you for something else…really the ONLY logic behind that suggestion from Ludia support is simply to frustrate the player to the point where they think…“stuff it, ill buy an epic incubator” in a vein attempt to upgrade their own battle team…and you know what these incubators are like, hand out hard earned real money for some epic rubbish you will never use nor be any use.

I have played my last battle for a while, when up against this sort of rubbish, tiz simply not worth playing and getting frustrated over… and trust me, there’s many more players reaching this conclusion Ludia!


They seriously told u to stop battling in the arena and rather catch dinos? Really?


I am curious too. Show us a screenshot of the email!


A level 29 Diplotator…wow…

And that is why the battle system doesn’t work. Sounds like they aren’t even trying to fix it.


@Splat has a lvl 30. I battle them in lockwood and ruins every so often.

Yeah, have given up on PvP myself. Running into teams of LvL 24+ Uniques in Lockwood and even Ruins. Rare and Epics seems to be even higher in those arenas (25+).

I am taking the advice the admins gave since it clear they will never fix the battles. Going to drop down, do battles just for incubators and focus instead on collecting dinos and working on towers, which are fun still (please don’t mess up the towers Ludia). Already dropped VIP when making the move. Kind of done with the JWA thing at this point, but will keep going for the towers.

EDIT: Just dropped to Marshes and running into teams of LvL 22+ Uniques even here, with rats that are LvL 23 and above. :rofl: Cannot wait to see how many people have Uniques in Badlands now.

PvP matchups in this game truly stink.

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I feel you, man. I too suffer the same problem, only with more tougher uniques.

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We should just protest, until we earn some respect. :fist:

Won’t happen. Ludia is a for profit company and will only start changing things once that money begins to stop flowing. At this point their strategy is to get players to put cash in to lvl up dinos, and that strategy is working for them. Cannot say I blame them for trying to squeeze as much money from players as possible, that’s good for shareholders.

Just means that players that don’t have the money to spend (or don’t want to spend it) just need to readjust their strategy. I have dropped back down to Badlands and will just hang out there. I’ll bring out the big dinos to get incubators and then have fun with some of the more interesting lower levels ones otherwise. Other than that my focus will be the strike towers. Done with PvP except to farm DNA mostly.


Or… Maybe most of us think the match making is fine and they arent going to change it just because you want them to

I have only been playing since September and I have 6 uniques and am almost level 20. I have not spent much money, just VIP a couple months and a couple of one time offers. I am in the worst L4. I tend to hover right around 4000. I think one thing that is changes is more and more people are unlocking all the uniques and leveling them up. So the top is getting stronger/higher/maxed out so the lower arenas are filled with teams much stronger than say 6 months ago. I sometimes face teams that seem much higher than me but our trophy counts aren’t that far off. Itll never be a perfect system. I figure if I’m losing a bunch it’s probably because I am either on a bad luck streak OR I am higher up than my team is truly ready for. I just stop battling for a bit and keep working on making my dino’s stronger.


My wish for matching on a team score is more about being able to select a different team of dinosaurs to play with every now and then and still be able to play against another player with a similar team score. Give more variety to my battles instead of having to play with the same dozen or so dinos.

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Nope, that’s not it. :wink:

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Yeah, youre probably right. Thats why successful businesses always fold to the demands of everyone who whines. My bad

Guess you did not read my comments at all. I clearly said they will not change it because it works for Ludia. You said it worked for all the players.

Or maybe you didnt grasp that my reply was towards the OP… The match up system has been discussed in depth several times, its fine the way it is.

I think part of the issue is the ‘contests’ that reward people for dropping. I am dropping myself, and will be playing lower level Dino’s. As I am dropping I am hitting people with full teams of uniques in Marshes and Lockdown. If they have Legendary they are often at 20 or above.

You are right that it is most definitely not like it was 6 months ago.

Well we will have to agree to disagree I guess. You are correct that it has been the topic of many discussions, much like the Rat. I think that both can be fixed, but it needs to be in the best interest of Ludia to do so, not just the players. If they make money the way it is, then that’s the way it will stay - so we certainly agree on that point at least.

I was in marshes 9mths ago with a team of epics and one indorex. My opponents back then were about the same, maybe one or two legendaries. Unqiues are extremely rare. Now I’m facing full team of legendaries plus 1 or 2 uniques. So I dropped down to lock down. I get squashed very often still, but I just figured that I’ll have to work from bottom again. The only thing bad about the current arena method is the lower level incubators are limited in their Dino dna. I’m kissing Rexy goodbye for good. No way I can get an incubator at Marshes. Otherwise it is all about finding your level in the current player base. You just have to accept that you might be out of your league.

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