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Thighbone Bug?

Just lost a battle to hal with the thighbone. The special ability activated with every attack. That includes when he critical missed several times (due to nayelis owl). This seems off to me. Anyone else have this happen?

It is strange but the way the weapon is worded it doesn’t need to hit for damage in order to give the Death Ward. I think everyone who plays long enough has a story (or two or ten!) of a bad beat they got against Hal with the Thighbone. It is just one of the aspects of the game you have to take into account with how you play. Mainly, don’t leave Hal for last.


Gpinsky has the right of it. And with a 50% proc rate at item level 7, it can definitely go on some nice runs. Love it when I’m able to do that with my Hal.

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I don’t see a bug, i just lost a battle and my thigh bone never once activated. Just the roll of the dice.

I agree, this is a common occurrence, not really a bug.

I’ve been on the end of thighbone beatdowns multiple times, but hadn’t marked the death ward without an actual hit before.

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As odd as it seems, Death Ward success, like many abilities is percentile based, completely unrelated to the thighbone striking or not.

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it does not have to hit in order to deathward. I think the overall gist of this post is not that its a bug, but it needs nerfed. The barbarian lifeward item is a one time effect, it should be the same on the mace, 1 time per person it gets put on. Its a bad game mechanic that should be removed. I have won and lost many a battle to this item needing nerfed. Its not a great way to win a game especially when its 1v4 and you beat an entire team using it. that said, its not considered an exploit and its currently in the game so I am going to use it to win if i can. Wins are hard enough to come by as is with matchmaking I personally do not get mad when others do it to me as well, basically, dont hate the player hate the game. if enough people get pissed off and complain they will eventually make the mace reasonable but I wouldnt hold my breath.

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Once per player limit makes sense.

I am fairly certain I have both used it to win against you and lost because of it.

Sadly, it’s one of those items you’d have to be a fool [or someone looking for an extra challenge] not to take.

Regardless of what I hate for this zombie bone,

I think the cleric who equiped the bone is a necromancer. not a cleric. lol

Yeah, today I’ve had at least 4 battles that were decided by the thigh bone for and against me. Maybe it is happening more now at higher level or maybe I’m just noticing it more.

It ends up not being about skill and just being about luck to see who can propagate the death ward more times in a row…

I definitely think it needs a fix with a max of 1 death ward per character per battle, just like with raika’s trinket.

Came down to a Hal on Hal match the other day. I think we each jumped back up 5 or 6 times and pulled deathward with almost every swing. The fire finally decided the match. Unfortunately I happened to be standing in it… :wink:


I am BOTH! A fool and I like the challenge so I use the Silverhand or Legendary. Mainly though I just don’t have any interest in the stupid Hal vs Hal ending taking all day.

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It’s OP for sure. So is dominate. So is mass cleanse from Nayeli.

The catch is everybody has the same advantage so it’s not something that needs to be nerfed IMHO


Both of those other abilities have a cool down time associated with them. The thighbone can proc every attack, without even hitting.

The thighbone works as intended and its abilities have not changed. All players have equal opportunity. With reference to the thread title, I would not consider this to be a ‘bug’.