Thigs must be added to the game

First of all it’s good game and funny I like spending time on it but it’s becoming a dead game cuz no events no new things to explore you must add many thi gs to that game starting with
A global live chat
Guild so we can play together
Player Profile and new trophy and maybe equipment
New heroes
New maps
Active event like daily one
Fixing arena bot lev 12 its destroying the game
Pvp is bad. It must be developed
Anything I missed I will back to comment for it and hope to take the players suggestions seriously cuz I will be the first one living the game


Good ideas!
I just came here to suggest one of those little information buttons on the items you have to pick from after rolling the dice. So you can see what the item is and who it’s for before you choose. I don’t remember who’s pouch looks like what…

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You can preview the prizes first before confirming your selection. Just utilize the red X in the top right corner to preview different choices.

And I agree with all these suggestions. This game has so much potential and it’s all being wasted by a really stubborn and short-sighted developer.

Maybe at some point I’ll do a full write up and post it but the pvp is the worst design I’ve ever encountered.

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This game is fun and it’s a great start but it does need more…

More random locations/exploration to gain experience on and build up your heroes.

A guild system would be a great addition. Something with daily tasks/events for additional experience/rewards.

An in game chat for world and guild to share suggestions/info.

Arena is fun but can be frustrating too. Rather than randomly selecting our heroes for us why not show us the opponent and let us select who we want to battle with. Supposedly things are random but my bard always seems to be on my team even though she is 1-2 levels below my main team. 1 opponent today was 2-4 levels above my entire team.

There are several long term known issues in the game but I’ve yet to see 1 update for the game in the 2 months or so I’ve been playing. Most other games release updates pretty regularly.

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