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Things about Raid bosses

My nephew & I think raid bosses should level 10, have no minions & be defeated after one round. We should also be able to create the raid bosses after defeating them one time.

Sorry, what? Already today raids is the easiest way to unlock creatures.
I mean, just look at the arena. It gets spammed by Apexes…

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In case you didn’t know things can’t be handed to you on a silver platter in this game, no no no. Hate to be rude but this is just too absurd, from what I can so far tell you are low lvl players since you apparently want the raids nerfed, and so I would like to tell you that you have to do the work to unlock raid bosses if you haven’t already. You will need a team to do it also if its literally just you and the child doing the raids, raids are already pretty simple if you have the right creatures strat and team, so no need to nerf them. And the arena would be even more chaotic than what it already is if you immediately unlock a raid creature after defeating a raid, especially apexs. These bosses are meant to be difficult to beat and need to be completed in a group effort using proper creatures to do so, no need to nerf these raids into oblivion so that lvl 5 players can beat them and terrorize the arena