Things I’m tired of


I’m tired of your crappy arena.
The pairing is absurd. There is no reason I should go up against people with level 23+ dinosaurs when mine are barely 18/19. There is no reason these people should be at the same rating as I am and I shouldn’t have to lose 10 battles just to get one incubator that’s going to give me DNA I don’t need like proceratos or iguanodon or s*********saurus(secondontasaurus). This happens with almost every single incubator. I don’t get anything I can use except on the 8 hour incubator when I get stygomoloch guaranteed.

The second thing I’m tired of. The dinosaurs running straight to the gate and escaping before time limit. I understand the need to escape to make it challenging but it shouldn’t be every dinosaur every time and they shouldn’t make a beeline for the gate. In the past weeks it’s risen, it used to only happen every once in a while.
I am not currently VIP because of this game and it’s unfair and broken pieces.

Thirdly Owen popping up along with vip message that disables game for 10 or more mins.

I am not going to spend money as long as your game keeps getting worse. My best friend has already stopped spending because he’s experience the same thing and we hunt everyday! At least 2-3 hours!

Also, not being able to click on the event supply drops because there’s a pteradon attached to them. Once you catch your limit of pteradons you just can’t spin the stops anymore! Please fix it as I bust my butt everyday to reach my coin and cash limits due to the coin drought you haven’t fixed!

Fusing: I’m so tired of using 2000+ DNA to only get a 10 and it’s not like I just have bad luck and it will even out. If it’s a dinosaur I don’t have or is on its first couple of levels I get nothing but 10s. I have had to do 2 irritator events just to get pyritator created and up to 17. I caught nothing but irritators (in case you didn’t know that’s 36 irritators) at 200 a fuse that’s 7200 DNA Needed. I’ve maybe got a little over half that yet all I get is 10s so I’ve barely created him and got him to 17. Thanks to coin drought I can’t do anything to him though. I have 77 dinosaurs that need leveled because of coin drought!

Coin drought: even with your strike zones added. Unless there’s one of the hard strike zones the coins aren’t helping. When there is a hard strike zone I get one dinosaur leveled that day. One dinsosaur a day? If you think that’s going to bait people to spend money for coins you are wrong.
You added treasure chase and at first it was helpful. I could go out and get my 10000 coins within an hour. Then you put a timer on them. They now spawn every 6 hours which means you have to play 4x a day (some of us have a life) if you have a life then you lose one or more chests. How is that helpful. Don’t say it’s to be more of a “chase” because I was already chasing them around town before you made the changes!


The whole idea of having to use coins to level up a dinosaur is stupid. Also that max number of attempts reached is stupid. It a dinosaur is on my map and I have darts I should be able to dart it and if I spend five days hunting for a dinosaur to level it up I should be able to just level it up. When it comes to hybrids if I have the DNA from both the dinosaur that make it then I should be able to make it if those dinosaurs are at the level they need to be at.


I know right. And people wanted to report it. So it’s been hidden. Nothing I said was untrue and I didn’t use offensive language


I’m tired od being stuck im sorna marshes around 3400 for 2 months


I’m stuck at 3800 because I keep getting paired with people who get knocked out of arena 8. They have dinosaurs upwards of 20+ and my dinsaours are barely 19 because of coin drought. They always have dinosaurs 3-5 levels higher than mine. There’s no competing with that!


So here is the truth,

My arena trophy is 3800 but then i lose 7 times in a row i drop to 3600.
Lose because i face high level opponent and one of the opponent that has all stun when att.
I complaint Arena hard.
Start in 3600 i no longer face high level opponent I faced very easy opponent and overpower them win 3 times.
Those player that match up with me was lower trophy or almost similar.
They being bullied back by my overpower team.
They start to blame too and complaint.
This Repeat to everyone.

Another truth is the arena was not appealing enough in the beginning.
Most player is only play it win just for the incubator.
Due to this issue, many inactive player in the arena make the matchup not balance.
Developer decide in order to make people stay battle in the arena is to screw their match up so they keep losing and play the arena.

That is the hard truth.

and they will never fix it.

Suggestion: Stop playing or start cheating now. Cause Paying them money wont get you anywhere.

Hit me with your hardest.


So you’re telling people to cheat… :clap:


All of you whining about how tough it is because other people are better or work harder or have jobs. These posts are so pointless, stop playing if its so bad. I personally find the arena fun, I find the grind fun, I find the game balanced and no matter how many times people parrot that theyre being singled out it simply isnt true. Youre crying about how hard it is to people who’ve done it.


I’m a bit lower level than most of the people lodging complaints, but I have the same isuues I have been stuck on the edge between sorna marsh & lock down for over a month. Between constantly freezing and having to reset the game and losing my team while the game resets & the ridiculous levels of opponents I get pitted against I can’t advance. I either lose from game glitches or I get put against level 20+ opponents when I am level 16-17 & a level 20 Indominus wipes my team out without me ever getting to strike it.


If you’re complaining about people having better dinos than you at the same rank, it sounds like you moved up the ranks too fast and are in a spot where you can’t hang. If every opponent is like that, it should tell you something. Also, don’t rely on incubators as your main source of good DNA. Get out there and hunt. Incubators are just a bonus.


I’m tired of reading posts like this … don’t like it go play something else. And yes, I have had the mother of all lousy days and yes I am in a dark place and no I really don’t give a flying Alan but get a grip. Thank you for reading.


Whom is this Alan person you speak of and why is he flying :joy::joy: :airplane:


I could lose fifty battles in the arena. I just don’t really care. This is a game about dinosaurs that I enjoy playing. And I get to hand out so much dna with my losses.

I mean, sure, I used to get frustrated but life goes on. I can close out if the app and do something else. I can pet my cat, play a game with my nephew, work on my novel.


No kidding, there is zero progress in this game without spending literally HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS


So, idk why, but it would have been hilarious to me if you had said you didn’t give a flying Alanqa lol


Most of the people complaining probably got ranked up by getting lucky and having their 4 best Dino’s face someone else’s weakest. Or they faced someone who is saying “why are my level 14 Dino’s being forced to face this guys level 17”… RNG works both ways but some folks feel it should always be in their favor… Lady Luck is fickle and cares not for your feelings.

It also doesn’t take 100s of dollars. I’m a high rank and I’ve spent two months of VIP. Maybe 15$ total in other offers. What it takes is time spent playing, leveling the correct Dino’s that work well together, and a touch of luck


I know this can be frustrating but try putting some indominus counters in your deck. The new Alanqa is fairly effective as a indom stopper. His hybrid coming up this weekend is as well. Remember also that he probably gets paired with someone higher than him at times and we crush his indominus.

There’s always a bigger fish


Not true. I spent some money in the first couple months that I was playing. Probably more than I should’ve, but I had money to burn at the time. Then I stopped spending real money to get coins probably about a month ago because I didn’t like the way some things were being handled, and I ended up doing tons of free offers to get in-game cash. I leveled up more in the last month from the free stuff than I did when I was buying coins. It took a lot of work but the payoff was worth it. I finished in the top 50 in the tournament and all I’ve paid for since before the tournament started is VIP.