Things i really wish they were in game:

Fit thing i gonna say is: this Jurassic World game is soo nice. And funny too. But i feel like some things are missing, so i will try to get them all here:

  1. Of course, it is a cool game, we got very much from the Jurassic movies already in game, BUT we still need some dinosaurs: Rexy, The Aquatics, like the Mosasaurus, Toro, Jurassic Park (1 2 3) T.Rexes and Velociraptors.

  2. I really wish the Dire Wolf, Cave lion wher eieren, i think it will be great to have them.

  3. You can change your name once per week ( still dont know a good time for this for changing name again) with 100.000 coins or 100 cash.

  4. A another map will come for Aquatics, but they can also be able to find on the normal map, BUT only by lakes, sea enz. There will also be special battles for it. Maybe also raids, that would be cool.

Why i want this: this came is like one of the best jurassic world games, so i think we schould have all the movies dinosaurs, we still dont have the orginal T.rex (Rexy) of the movies in game, and Rexy saved with Blue and the Mosasaurus Jurassic World and let the guys of Jurassic Park ( John Hammond, Grant, Sattler, Malcom of the raptors…) so i think she need to be in Alive. Also the same reason for the Mosasaurs, cause she/he saved with Rexy,Blue together Jurassic World.

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I’m the opposite…

I want less new OP dinosaurs, and more bug fixes instead.

I want tools to help alliances. After all, alliances is probably the best thing that happened to this game, and monitoring tools have been wanted since. It would be nice to see who’s profiting from the alliance and who’s working hard to keep it going.

I want a new token, that would be available once a month, so we can reset all the boost (for free) on ONE dino. This way, once a month, we could slowly change our team, if we wish, which would help the diversity, and it would also allow us to switch our dinos for the new OP dinos that are regularly coming out every updates.