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Things I still do not know about the game

Hi all,

I’ve been playing since June, I play many hours a day, I have a team of average 27 and, it seems to be a lie, there are still things about the application that I do not know. Specific :

  1. The seconds that there are to make the shots to a creature are proportional to the time or are per section? For example, being VIP the recharge battery appears “full” at 50 meters but, that means there are the same seconds at 50 meters, at 30 and at 5? Another example, are there the same seconds at 200 meters, at 190 or 180 when the battery appears in the same state?

  2. What is the maximum cumulative DNA for a creature? Yesterday I discovered in a message that the maximum in a unique is 1000 and I already knew that in a common is 200,000 (I think) but what is the limit for rare, epic and legendary?

  3. When a “common” capsule of 20 minutes is opened the possibility of an epic appears very low, it is understood that the “normal” rate of an epic every 100 creatures approximately but … the possibility of appearing a epic in a rare capsule of 20 minutes is equally low or is there more possibilities?

  4. I know the existence of nests but there are specific points for specific creatures? In particular, I know two points where whenever I pass by there is exactly the same creature, specifically, a Hatzegopteryx. In one case there is a relatively close park (not marked in green) but in the other case there is no nearby park.

If anyone knows the answer, I think it would be good for me … and for many others.


  1. If the battery appears full (within 100 meters) then VIP will be able to shoot around 14 darts in the time. Non VIP can only shoot a maximum of 11 and that’s if you launch really fast. The 25% battery bonus scales to all ranges.

  2. Don’t know.

  3. In my experience I have seen more Epics from the rare and epic scent capsules. I may see one Epic in the normal scent capsules. A rare scent capsule yesterday gave me three epics!

  4. Yes specific dinosaurs are programmed to spawn at specific places like businesses and malls. Raptors hang out at post offices. There is a McDonald’s in my town where a T-Rex spawns every day… etc.

I hope some of this information helps!

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To answer question 2. Yes ur right. Common is 200k and unique is 1k. But rare is 50k, epic is 20k, and legendary is 5k

Raptor pack is post office(and utah) Those are mainly useless tho :joy: find velo at transit stations.

Utah can find global at night way easier than nests


As your first three questions allready have been answered, for you fourth one i suggest you the article on metahub for spawnmechanics.

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Thank you !! this question is already perfectly resolved.

thanks for your answer !!

Regarding the first question, I understand your message but I still have the doubt:
With the battery full, do I have the same shooting time at 49 meters as at 5 meters?
With the battery at minimum I have the same shooting time at 200 meters as at 161 meters?

Regarding the third question, your experience coincides with mine. In a rare capsule usually appears an epic.

Regarding the 4 question, as I said at the beginning, I already know about the existence of nests. For example, I know a restaurant that is a nest and, therefore, tend to appear there restaurant creatures (allo, tarbo, Trex, Trex 2, gorgo,). I also know a car seat that is a nest and I usually find creatures associated with the workshops, mainly euplocephalus and anky gene 2. What I mention is different, I always see a haztegopterix in two different points and it does not seem that this is a nest for two reasons. The first and foremost is that according to metahub there is no nest for the haztegopterix. The second is that it is always the same creature and should vary except that this “undetected” nest is unique creature as in the case of velociraptor. The haztegopterix according to metahub is only “park” creature but in that case there would also appear other creatures (iguanodon, lytronax, dilopho gene 2, etc …) but there is always a haztegopterix. It is a case that has me very intrigued.

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When the battery is full, its full - getting closer does not increase the time. However when it is not full then the closer you get the more it fills and therefore the more time you have.

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Thank you,

This answer is very interesting. According to this, the battery gives the same time at 5 meters as at 45 meters (40 meters away) but does not give the same time at 200 meters as at 180 meters (20 meters away). If so, it would make sense to risk approaching an epic that is 200 meters away and shoot at 180 but it would not make sense to approach an epic that is 49 meters away. Can someone else confirm this?

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That is how I understand it - no logic in not launching as soon as the battery is full especially with an epic that could despawn at any minute - although I have heard some people say it increases their mojo if they can get up close and personal and stare into its eyes :crazy_face:

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hahaha, so I hope to see if anyone can confirm it … yesterday the only epic I found after more than two hours in the street hunting disappeared in front of my nose … I ran to the sinoceratops, I reached 200 meters, I wanted to get to 150 to win a “stretch” … but it disappeared …

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Also nonvip max is 12 darts if you shoot quick. 360 is max possible for nonvip

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I didn’t know that - another benefit of VIP (not that I get over 360 often, but it does happen sometimes especially with Stegos, Apatos and Velos).

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Yeah it’s really difficult to get 12 off. Find it easier on raptor as less space to travel. I’m FTP so had to maximise my darting capabilitys

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It sounds like you just found a constant spawn point for that dinosaur. There are many spots where the same dinosaur will spawn all the time with no specific reason.

I’ve found myself wondering why the same creature spawns always at two specific points in my city. None of them are nearby a park. The only thing I found in common is, both spots are in front of a bakery. If you confirm that there’s a bakery, patisserie or something alike, we could propose that Hatze spawns at bakeries :wink:

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I’ve been thinking about it but not! One always appears above a closed shop not far from a park (although perhaps there is a bakery not far away). The other comes out in a block of flats in a residential area that has no shops or nearby parks.

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Well, it’s not necessarily some shop/hotel/etc. you can see in reality.

Did you check both spots on google maps with zooming in and out? The spawn could refer to an already closed /moved business (anything) or to a home business (insurance, finance, room to let - e.g. hotel… ) or, or …