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Things I think will make the game more funI'm


So I love this game it’s fun exciting and action packed I whoud give this game 5 stars. But I have some ideas on how to improve the game

  1. Maybe every moth or two we could get a free premium draft
  2. A warning when you buy a draft cuz I have heard of people accidentally getting one
  3. Make it easier on some of the quests like battles for two star scales and special events like the toothless event
  4. Possibly get more energy every muinet instead of one like 3 or 2


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I definitely think that a free premium draft every so often, (let the Devs decide how long it should be between drafts.) would be a great idea! It would allow people to have a better chance of maybe getting a 4* or 5*.


You get a premium draft free every time you beat the last level in the current location.


Do you know how many levels each region have? I think Region10 221 levels. Region9 144. Region 8 123. Region 7 89. I don’t remember all. So basically you gonna complete each region in few months and get one premium draft that is not enough. We need free premium draft every week.