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Things I want for 1.12 (or other future patches/updates)

Note: most of the buffs, nerfs, over all changes, new creatures and what not are just copy-pasted from one of my previous topics/posts with just a few edits.
I will also maybe update this topic a little now and then if i come up with more ideas to add here.

New Moves/abilities

Shielded distracting strike - Deal x1 damage, reduce targets attack/damage by 50% for 2 turns, gain 50% shield for 2 turns, 2 turns cooldown.

Presice armour piercing rampage - Deal x2 damage, goes through armour, bypass cloak and evasive/dodging abilities.

Precise defense shattering rampage - Deal x2 damage, goes through armour, destroys shields and bypass cloak and evasive/dodging abilities.

Swap in ready to crush - Increase attack/damage by 50% for 3 turns, increase critical hit chance by 30% for 3 turns, can not swap for 2 turns.

Ability changes

Cautious Strike - Can no longer cleanse or speed up.

Swap in stun - Stun chance increased to 100%.

Swoop - Deals x1 damage (bleeding/DoT and auto swap thing stays the same)

Cleanse and swoop - Deals x1 damage (bleeding/DoT stays the same)

Thagomizer - DoT x0.20 of targets max HP for 2 turns
(slowing, damage and cooldown stays the same)

Regeneration - no longer cleanses lockdown/pinning abilities.

Creature Buffs:

Indominus Rex - Increase speed to either 110 or 111 (because in my opinion it should be at least a little bit faster than most, if not all other big chompers in the game due to it’s velociraptor parent, considering velociraptor IS the absolute fastest creature in the game after all). gains 15% to 20% armour (as reference to how freaking durrable it was in the movie). Armour piercing strike becomes Defense shattering strike (because i think it should have atleast 1 defense shattering move from its t - rex parent), armour piercing impact becomes short distracting impact (deal x1.5 damage, decrease opponents damage by 50% for 1 turn) (because in my opinion it should have atleast 1 form of distracting move from it’s velociraptor parent).

Indoraptor - Increase speed to 129. gains 10% armour. increase attack/damage to 1470.

Erlidominus - Strike and run becomes impact and run. gains 10% armour.

Velociraptor - Increase health to 2100. Pounce becomes precise pounce, strike becomes distraction. gains swap in distraction. gains immunity to decelerstio
and immunity distraction.

Indominus Rex Gen 2 - Gains 15% armour. Increase speed to 109 or 110.

Utahraptor - Increase speed to 130. gains swap in wound.

Pyroraptor - Increase speed to 131. gains swap in dodge.

Charlie - Increase speed to 130. increase health to 2300.

Echo - Increase speed to 130.

Sarcosuchus - Increase health to 4200, increase attack/damage to 1400. lethal wound becomes defense shattering rampage.

Sarcorixis - Increase attack/damage to 1400.

Diloracheirus - Distracting strike becomes distracting impact.

Diorajasaur - Ferocious strike becomes fercious impact. increase attack/damage to 1150.

Tuoramoloch - Increase attack/damage to 1250. gains swap in stun.

Erlikospyx - Increase health to 3500.

Grypolyth - Increase attack/damage to 1200

Monostegotops - Dig in becomes nullifying impact, increase health to 4350, increase attack/damage to 1350. swap in stunning strike becomes swap in stun.

Megalosuchus - Increase speed to 118, increase attack/damage to 1150. short defense becomes long protection.

Ankylosaurus - Increase armour to 40%.

Ankylosaurus Gen 2 - Increase armour to 40%.

Stegodeus - Increase attack/damage to 1350.

Tragodistis - Increase attack/damage to 1350, increase health to 4100.

Tenontorex - Gains immunity to stuns, gains Swap in stun

Spinotahraptor - Increase health to 3400.

Spinonyx - Increase attack/damage to 1350.

Skoolasaurus - Increase attack/damage to 1270.

Rajakylosaurus - Increase attack/damage to 1160.

Koolabourgiania - Distracting strike becomes distracting impact.

Monomimus - Increase speed to either 130 or 131, increase attack/damage to 1340, increase health to 3250

Utahrinex - Decelerating strike becomes Superiority strike

Gigaspikasaur - Increase attack/damage to 1050

Majundasuchus - Increase attack/damage to 1000, increase health to 3500, increase speed to 114. Swap in ferocity becomes Swap in ready to crush

Stygidaryx - Increase attack/damage to 1350, increase speed to either 129 or 130. Lethal swoop becomes either Lethal wound or defense shattering impact (from its Darwezopteryx parent).

Triceratops - Dig in becomes Greater stunning impact. Increase attack/damage to 1270. Increase health to 4350.

Stegoceratops - Increase attack/damage to 1320, increase health to 4350. Dig in becomes Lethal wound (ok, i know it doesn’t make sense with the move sets of it’s parents, but imo it does make sense when looking at it’s design as it has both horns and tail spikes which are pretty much perfect for making things bleed).

Sinoceratops - Dig in becomes Greater stunning impact. Increase health to 4200, increase attack/damage to 1300


Dracoceratops - Swap in savagery becomes Swap in Self-Destruct (7000 damage to self on swap in, can not swap for 0 turns), Regeneration becomes Dig in. Decrease attack/damage to 750, decrease health to 2100. (because i, and probably many others still hates it, and also just because i want all the atleast former, but also current rat users to suffer as much as possible from their well deserved karma).

Procerathomimus - Decrease speed to either 130 or 129 (because i think that procerathosaurus 125 speed would probably slow it down atleast a little bit from ornithomimus’ 131 speed), decrease attack/damage to 1420, decrease health to 3180.

Ardentismaxima - Decrease health to 5650, decrease attack/damage to 1150. Gets back its Definite rampage (instead of defense shattering rampage).

Geminititan - Immunity becomes immunity to stuns, immunity to swap prevention and immunity to distraction. long protection becomes long shield advantage (gain 50% shield for 3 (or 4) turns, destroy opponents shield), gains swap in defense.

Indoraptor Gen 2 - Cautios strike can no longer speed up or cleanse. Gains 10% armour.

Thoradolosaurus - Decrease speed to 105 (because in my opinion that makes sense with it’s parents who only have speeds of 104 (tarbo) and 106 (allosino), and putting thordors speed at 105 would but it between the speeds of its parents).
Instant charge becomes Greater stunning impact (because as long as everyone are just going to boost it to be faster than almost everything else in the game anywas, in my opinion it does NOT need a priority move that deals a full x1 like 2000+ damage or so, not to mention thordors 40% crit chance to make it deal even more damage, in my opinion instant charge it self is basically just a cheap shot anyways and the reason i am only doing this nerf or move change or what ever on thordor specifically and not all the other creatures with instant charge is because thordor is basically the only creature with instant charge that i see in the arena nowadays. and also for anyone who thinks this nerf is too harsh for thordor, i would proudly like to let you know that i don’t really care if thordor becomes completely useless, if anything i would LOVE to have atleast 1, just ONE single patch/update without all of these super fast super mega hyper over boosted thordors running around in literally every single fight. and surely i can not be the only one who wants a atleast fairly long break from all the super fast, super boosted thordors ).

Utahsinoraptor - Decrease attack/damage to 1450.

Allosinosaurus - Decrease health to 4350.

Miragaia - Decrease attack/damage to 1100.

Apatosaurus - Decrease health to 5800.

Trykosaurus - Decrease speed to 106, decrease health to 4350. (don’t really care what anyone thinks about this slight nerf, i personally hate tryko and would personally not mind nerfing it even more)

Note: if you think some, if not most of these nerfs just make me sound whiny or what ever, i guess i could agree atleast a little wee bit about it, but atleast i am honest about it, lol.

Overall creature changes that I want:

Indominus Rex and Indominus Rex Gen 2 - Gets more movie accurate looking designs/models, aswell as more movie accurate sounding roars and other noises heard in the movie, maybe even give them some of their very own unique animations. Change the “13 feet tall” BS in the Indominus Rex’ “about this creature” text thing to 20 feet tall, like it should say, because Indominus Rex is 6 meters (20 feet) tall when full grown, NOT just a puny 3,9 meters (13 feet)! and don’t come to me with some BS like “mAYbE thEy’RE jUSt uSiNG tHE hIGhT oF ThE onE iN tHe mOViE!1!!1!” because why the hell would they use the hight of the Indominus Rex from the movie, but then use the lenght of a full grown adult Indominus Rex?! that doesn’t make any sense at all! and besides, I am pretty diddily damn sure even the one in the movie was more like 5 to 5,5 if not even 5,75 to 5.8 meters (16,5 to about 18 or 18.1, if not even 18.8 to 19 feet) tall, considering even though it was not full grown yet, I’d say it was still fairly close, and i am also pretty sure the one from the movie was also atleast a tiny slight bit taller than rexy, or at the very least AS tall, and rexy is like 4,8 to 5.5 meters (16 to 18 feet) tall, meaning that even IF ludia were going with the hight of the Indominus Rex from the movie, they still got it wrong by atleast 3,5 to 6 feet. but then again, why the hell would they use the hight of the one in the movie, but then use the lenght of a full grown adult one?! and this is something that have bothered me pretty ever since i got the game back in like early to mid june or something 2018, so I would definitely LOVE it if ludia changed the “13 feet tall” BS to 20 feet tall (again, like it SHOULD say) in the Indominus Rex’s “about this creature” text thing.

Spinosaurus and Spinosaurus Gen 2 - Gets more moive accurate looking designs/models and more movie accurate sounding roars.

Purrolyth - Gets a slightly new design/model more similar to Purrutaurs’ (atleast when it comes to its feet).

Carbotoceratops - Just give it some horns, and maybe even a neck crest/shield/whatever you call it, just to make the Nasutoceratops part of it more noticable.

Note: I do not care at the slightest what you guys think about this part, these are just some over all creature changes that I, FiskmĂĄsen [SWE] want.

New creatures/hybrids/super hybrids:

Stegodominus Rex:
Ingredients/components/parents - Indominus Rex (or Indominus Rex Gen 2) + Stegosaurus Gen 2.
Design - basically just an Indominus Rex with like 3 to 5 rows of Stegosaurus back plates all over its back aswell as dark charcoal grey skin.
Rarity - Unique
Health - 4650 to 4750
Attack/damage - 1650 to 1750
Speed - 113
Armour - 25% to 30%
Critical hir chance - 20%
Moves- Defense shattering strike, Shielded distracting strike, Precise armour piercing rampage, Cloak.
Alternative move set - Armour piercing strike, Shielded distracting strike, Precise Defense shattering rampage, Thagomizer.
Swap in ability - Either Swap in defense or Swap in ready to crush
Passive ability - Immunity

Erlidominus Gen 2:
Ingredients/components/parents - Indominus Rex Gen 2 + Erlikosaurus Gen 2
Rarity - Legendary
Health - 3300
Attack/damage - 1550
Speed - 130
Armour - 10%
Critical hit chance - 20%
Moves - Minimal speedup strike, Rampage, Debilitating distraction, Cloak
Swap in ability - Swap in wound
Passive abilities - Immunity

Ingredients/components/parents - Indominus Rex Gen 2 + Nasutoceratops
Design - Indominus rex with Nasutoceratops horns and neck crest aswell as a slight beak or something at the end if its jaws.
Rarity - Legendary
Health - 4350
Attack/damage 1450
Speed - 109 or 110
Armour - 15% to 20%
Critical hit chance - 20%
Moves - Distraction, Greater stunning impact, Armour piercing rampage, Cloak
Swap in ability - Swap in stun
Passive ability - Immunity

Ingredients/components/parents - Brontolasmus + Whooly Rhinoceros
Rarity - Legendary
Health - 4500
Attack/damage - 1350
Speed - 112
Armour - 20% to 25%
Critical hit chance - 5%
Moves - Long defensive strike, Rending strike, Lethal wound, Definite rampage
Swap in ability - Swap in Slow
Passive abilities - Immunity to Bleeding/Damage over time/DoT.

Ingredients/components/parents - Stegoceratops + Ankylosaurus
Rarity - Legendary
Health - 4350
Attack/damage - 1250
Speed - 114
Armour - 40%
Critical hit chance - 5%
Moves - Vulnerability strike, Slowing impact, Greater stunning rampage, Long protection.
Swap in ability - Swap in Stun
Passive ability - Immunity to Damage over time/DoT/bleed

“The Big One” (Velociraptor from JP1)
Rarity - either Legendary or Epic
Health - 3330
Attack/damage - 1550
Speed - either 131 or maybe even 132
Armour - 0%
Critical hit chance - 30%
Moves - Cautious strike, Precise pounce, Lethal wound (maybe even Distracting impact)
Swap in ability - either Swap in wound, Swap in dodge or Swap in distraction
Passive abilities - Immunity, x0.5 counter attack

Stegosaurus Gen 2:
Rarity - Epic
Health - 4600
Attack/damage - 1350
Speed - 119
Armour - 25%
Critical hit chance - 20%
Moves - Superiority strike, Thagomizer, Shielded distracting strike
Swap in ability - Swap in slow
Passive ability - Immunity to DoT, immunity to deceleration

Rarity - Epic
Health - 3900
Attack/damage - 1750
Speed - 118
Armour - 15%
Critical hit chance - 20%
Moves - Minor rending attack, Defense shattering impact, Lockdown Rampage (deal x2 damage, target cannot swap for 2 turns)
Swap in ability - Swap in lockdown (target cannot swap for 2 turns, cannot swap for 1 turn)
Passive abilities - Immunity to stuns

Rarity - Epic
Health - 3330
Attack/damage - 1500
Speed - 130
Armour - 0%
Critical hit chance - 30%
Moves - Minimal speedup strike, Rampage, Lethal wound
Swap in ability - Swap in wound
Passive abilities - Immunity to deceleration

Rarity - Epic
Health - 4400
Attack/damage - 1450
Speed - 105
Armour - 0%
Critical hit chance - 10%
Moves - Armour piercing strike, Lethal wound, Rending takedown
Swap in ability - None
Passive ability - None

Rarity - Rare
Health - 3900
Attack/damage - 1100
Speed - 107
Armour - 0%
Critical hit chance - 5%
Moves - Minor rending attack, Long protection, Ferocious Strike
Swap in ability - Swap in ready to crush
Passive ability - x1 precise counter attack, immunity to DoT.

Rarity - Rare
Health - 3600
Attack/damage - 1050
Speed - 106
Armour - 0%
Critical hit chance - 5%
Moves - Superior vulnerability, Shielding distraction, Rending attack
Swap in ability - None
Passive abilities - Rending counter

Rarity - Common
Health - 3750
Attack/damage - 1200
Speed - 105
Armour - 0%
Critical hit chance 5%
Moves - Minor rending attack, Shielding distraction
Swap in ability - Swap in wound
Passive abilities - Rending counter

Rarity - Common
Health - 3650
Attack/damage - 1150
Speed - 108
Armour - 0%
Critical hit chance - 20%
Moves - Nullifying strike, Long protection
Swap in ability - Swap in shield
Passive abilities - Immunity, x1 armour piercing counter attack.

Bug fixes

ALL bugs are fixed, yay!


Looks like you put a lot of work in this, but there are really too many of these threads.
I agree with the bugfix part though :slight_smile:
And leave Godzilla in its own franchise please…


If you remove IC and replace it with GSI, you effectively are dropping it to unuseable levels. With immunes running around, why would a 1x stunning move be anything but a Hail Mary.


The list looks more like a salty fella who cannot accept being bettered in arena.

Given that Ludia will not reset boosts, does not want to rock the meta up too.much lest they lose many whales and will not refund HC to remove boosts; we will not see many nerfs to the upper tier of hybrids.

1.12 only needs to be a continuation of the good work from 1.11 and no more new bugs to be good enough.

Expecting Ludia to rock the meta up with so much invested boosts would be as good as Ludia declaring bankruptcy and stopping JWA.


really? the entire list? some of the nerfs and maybe some of the buffs i could actually agree with, but the entire list? :thinking:

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In the entire list,i agree with miragaia nerf which i think 1100 is not enought nerfed
Maybe tryko nerf
apato nerf??wth,he need a buff…
cautious strike i agree
thora is balance now
Either you remove total immunity from gemini ,either you change his stats but not both,it will be a trash
ardentis:i half agree,yes he need a stats nerf (not health because its a sauropod),and IF he have his define strike back,then turn defense shattering into armor piercing
Procera:i agree for stats nerf but not his speed,its his signature
draco:i won’t comment what i have read…not everyone here hate DC you know
about the buff…how to says:they are almost all exagerated:
indominus speed with 111,+15% armor,an defense shattering and distraction???wth,he is already almost top tier
erlidominus buff??you serious??he need a nerf

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Most of creature balancing would completely break the arena.

Those Thor and Tryko speed nerfs looks like whinning of player that gets destroyer in arena. Their base speed never was a problem. Boosts made them a problem.

Get rid of useless swap in ferocity entirely. Tenontorex change is straight nerf, same with Indo and Stygidarix would get Monomimus treatement with that changes. Stygidarix best abilties are swap in invincibility and cleanse and swoop. Should lose Lethal swoop as its useless with cooldown and swap in lock.

Just pointing out some obvious things.



And in this “patch”,stun will be more useless as is distraction actually,no clue really done to the immune meta (while everyone spit at the ones using evasion!!!whow such a big problem,im not looking at someone particulary ,maybe those which want ardentis define back )

now i have made a few changes, and also put a few notes or what ever in there aswell to atleast try to explain some of my reasons for some specific buffs and nerfs and what not

i know, that’s why i wrote specifically “I, and probably many other players still hates it”

i mean, it’s not really Godzilla him self :wink:
i mean, my super hybrid is no where near as big, is no where near the same durrability, has VERY FAR from as good and fast healing/regenerating abilities, does not have an atomic breath (or any other of Godzillas special abilities/powers for that matter), is (probably) not radioactive, and also (probably) can’t breathe under water. :wink::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Well, don’t complain about size comparison if they include it in the game, because it’s literally 50 times as big as an Apato :slight_smile: A raptor couldn’t even bite its toenail off, yet it would probably appear as half its height.

So as far as nerfs go, it sounds like you are targeting dinos that either gave you a hard time or completely iced your team in the arena many times. Thor is easy to counter, so it does not need to be nerfed. Take into account that a base Thor is very slow in speed to begin with. Cautious Strike stays the way it is because it can be easily countered. Monostego I can see needs a buff. Mexichicken I can slightly agree with you, with another stipulation or interjection rather, remove one of its distracting attacks.

Hooray for Draco nerf! It is unlikely though…

Apatosaurus should get nerfed more.

:rofl: :rofl::rofl:

(Real words)

Out of curiosity, what counters cautious strike?

Honestly, i found most of those changes very reasonable, even If some don’t make much sense as you yourself said, with the exception of the nerfs to Tryko, Draco, apato(:rofl:), Thor, utasino, allosino. But since you admited that you really hate some of those and want them to be useless we don’t need to talk about them :laughing: I definitely disagree but i appreciate the honesty haha
Glad you want definite rampage back on Ardentis too, though i would still keep 5700 hp and just do the damage nerf :slightly_smiling_face:
I also liked your rework of indo gen2 and gemini. I liked most of your buff suggestions and especially liked the addition of the new creatures

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Another Indo Gen 2. I have even countered it with my Thor. I have countered it with Erlidom and Indom. It is not difficult at all. Takes perfect timing and strategy.

Erlidom I can understand, but it’s still iffy depending on who hits through dodge the most. If you start with rampage and crit, you win, but that’s assuming you hit through evasive stance. He can also go for mutual fury if you don’t hit and follow up with 2 cautious strikes to win if you cloak. It’s a chess match for sure, But Indom also needs to hit through dodge to win, that matchup is tougher to win though. Thor is puzzling, Indo2 can 2 hit Thor with cautious -> DSR and take very little damage if it dodged DSI. Tenonto can actually counter it somewhat, needs to hit through evasive stance with DSR.

Although I’m going to assume most Indo2s youre fighting are lower level than your Dino’s in which case, it makes it easier. My team is 26-29, I faced a level 29 indo g2 earlier today with about 20ish boosts in it and was utterly thrashed.

Cautious strike needs some minor balancing, I think either removing its 75% cloak chance or reducing its damage to .5 or .66x would be a solid fix without ruining it.