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Things I (we) actually WOULD pay for

So as most of us have already claimed not to buy any boosts due to ridiculously high price and laughable gain maybe it’s time we make a little list of thing we would pay for.
** As far as I’m concerned I’d only consider spending a dime on any of these options if boosts are withdrawn from the game entirely.**

  • scent capsules guaranteed to draw creatures from other local areas only
  • scent capsules guaranteed to draw a specific group of creatures only
  • a temporary gain of at least 50% of your regular range (being either 150 or 200(VIP) meters)
  • engaging specific strike events that actually challenge your team
  • FIP tokens

Now this is what I would pay for, maybe you as well or perhaps you have other ideas?


I’d pay for those.
and speaking of FIP tokens… the trainer bundle is in the shop again.

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I’d pay for trading…

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  • Epic Dinos to Legendary to Unique
    A T-Rex can be legendary at level 21 with 10% boost at Health and Damage and One Ability to be added.Then T-Rex can be Unique at level 26 with 10% boost at Health and Damage. DinoBucks will be needed for the creation.

So more Real Dinos in upper arena and more Variety .(Ofcourse the Unique hybrids will be better )
So some rural players can benefit from that.

  • Epic Trading

Trading not Donation.
I know…i know spoofers.

But what if we have FIXED TRADES

100 Kentro for 100 Anky and 10 Dinodollars per transaction
100 Darwin for 100 T-Rex and 10 Dinodollars per transaction
400 Velociraptor for 400 Tarbo and 10 Dinodollars per transaction
200 Tunja for 200 Dimetrodon and 10 Dinodollars per transaction

Even spoofers would have to sacrifice important DNA to get something plus the Dinodollars
Every week Fixed Trades would change
And there will be a limit in every day trades (maybe 1 epic,3 Rare ,5 Common)

  • Lures we are in the house and the dinos are out of reach,it will be like capsules,limited time and limited quantities.

  • Traps Driving to work or going anywhere we sure pass a lot of zones that we are not familiar with,and we cannot afford the time to hunt in these zones.It would be good to have 10 daily traps and deploy them in these zones.After 6hrs we will receive the Dna we got from these traps (for 10lvl : 80 for commons,50 for rare and 20 for epic) or the Dinos so we can dart them.

  • Skills (Some Dinos have unlockable skills after a certain level) Unlock with DinoBucks

  • Excavation Mode (other way to acquire random DNA) with DinoBucks

  • Headquarters Put our HQ wherever we want with a supply drop and a spawn around it .Built it with great amount of DinoBucks

  • New personal avatars and photos

  • Dino Tracking purchased with DinoBucks or Vip

  • Upgradable Laboratory /Darts /Drone every upgrade will cost DinoBucks (better Fuses or bigger Range)

  • Things already have been mentioned by @Poezzzie


I don’t 100% agree to all, but that’s a lot of interesting stuff for Ludia to think about.
For example, the headquarters idea. I live inside a closed lot, so there’s nothing around my house. Sometimes there’s 2 supply drops and 1 spawn far away (almost 150m). Sometimes not even that, simply 0. So I’m simply unable to play from home. I know the idea is to walk around and explore, but it is pretty frustrating to have NOTHING to do at night or rainy days.


I don’t even know why there can’t be stuff inside closed spaces. Just because not everyone can access it? So what? Other people have plenty of other places to go hunting.

How about a challenge mode, where you have to defeat a certain amount of unknow creatures. If you lose 3 creatures from your deck of 4, you’ll lose. Depending of the difficulty, you’ll get a reward after you have defeated all [ X ] amount of creatures.

An endless challenge mode would be interesting as well, where you have to fight an endless amount of mysterious entities until 3 creatures from your deck have died. After a while, your enemy’s creatures will also have boosts on them. The more entities that have been defeated, the better the rewards will be.


I have an issue with darting Brachi.
I would pay a premium for some sort of advanced darts that I could use for problem dinos.


I’ve seen some marvellous ideas here😊 any more?

I like the idea of different dart variants:
High capacity that collect 25% more dna
Precise that make direct hits easier but at a slight decrease in capacity (1 or 2 dna less per direct hit)
Autodarts that give you automatic excellent rating (at close range) and no darting minigame.
Tracers that show you the best place to target for a direct hit (every other dart after the first few)


That’s awesome :blush:

I would pay for nothing in this game anymore since they released boosts…


Hi Dave,
That’s why I stated that boosts need to go before spending a dime on any of these ideas as far as I’m concerned :wink:


Small, worthwhile purchases. Like the trainer bundle. I can’t justify spending more than $20 for anything in the store. But $2 for a great deal like the trainer bundle? Yes please. Could even expand it to HC and/or DNA. Just keep it worthwhile, and keep the prices modest.


We should never pay for strike events. But I wouldn’t pay for anything anyway, so…

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How about aesthetic purchases that don’t give you a competitive advantage?
New skins for your dinos for example.


Teaming up in a strike event with some super duper creature and good rewards… why not? I’d really like that actually :blush::see_no_evil:


But that should be free =)


Seems how most of us aren’t whales or stupid with our finances. You’ll have more players willing to spend 1 to 5 dollars on stuff than a $100 incubator which is guaranteed to give you garbage rewards. I know you’re money hungry and most likely hurting after some of the updates cause y’all chose to make terrible decisions. Plus the numerous amount of bugs that most die hard fans have just excepted will never be fixed. To me this is a step in the right direction to get players never willing to spend money on it to maybe give up a few bucks. I’ve bought both trainer bundles this past 2 weeks where as I haven’t spent money on this game since first starting a yr ago. Now I’m more willing to spend a few bucks.


I’m happy to spend a couple bucks on stuff like this. it’s a great deal.

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