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Things I wish I knew when I started (A general guide)

Hi folks, I don’t expect to be blowing anyone’s minds if you’ve been on the forums for a significant amount of time, but I’ve been at this for a few months, am at level 75, getting Dominator consistently, and here are some things I wish I’d known right from the beginning:


This is the most important tip by FAR, and there are a lot of in-depth posts about it on the forum. Short version: the game doesn’t tell you this, but all your PvE events’ difficulty are based on how strong your best 1-3 dinos are. If you set out with the goal to get the coolest dino at the highest level as fast as possible, you are going to completely screw yourself. You want your lineup well-balanced and making your best dinos stronger little by little – you’re building a wall that slowly gets higher and higher, not rushing up a ladder. I actually kinda hate that the difficulty is designed this way, but it is what it is. Besides, the more powerful the creature the longer the cooldown, so a more balanced lineup means you get to play the actual game more.

  1. Get VIP

If you don’t have $9.99 monthly to spend on a mobile game (very reasonable! That’s $120 a year!), then this probably isn’t the game for you. The VIP benefits are MASSIVE and game-changing, and there’s still a whole lot of waiting around as a VIP, but it’s an exponentially better experience.

  1. Do not buy anything other than VIP in the early-game

I mean, it’s your money, but a VIP membership and a bit of patience will make other purchases look very foolish very fast. Right now, the store is selling 250k food, 500k coins, and 10k loyalty points for $60. Any VIP with any amount of time in can get the food and coins in literally a few hours, and the VIP points in a few days. And If you spend $100 on an elite pack because you’re not patient enough to wait for an Indo, not only are you being kinda stupid with your money (Again, once you’re well into the game it only takes a few days to save up the money for an I-Rex), but you’re screwing yourself twice over by making your best dino artificially powerful – see point #1.

  1. Think about your park design

I had been more or less winging it with my park design until a few days ago when I finally bit the bullet and took a few hours to organize my park from scratch, and it was so worth it. Personally, I went with 4-dino squares going horizontally across sorted by rarity and type, sorting by rarity horizontally and dino type vertically (eg: 4 legendary carnivores on top of 4 legendary herbivores), with the squares separated on both sides by triceratops statue/bonfire/Hammond memorial-size gaps so they can get boosted from all sides, with as close to perfect revenue tower coverage as I could get. My buildings are nicely sorted as well, and IS is actually only buildings. Not only will this boost your coin production by a frankly surprising amount (dinos make a lot more coins than buildings), but it just feels so much better to turn the app on and see a nicely-organized park.

  1. It’s all about hybrids

Hybrids are powerful, DNA-efficient, and hatch ludicrously fast compared to legendaries. If you have both of the dinos you need for a hybrid unlocked, make getting them to 40 your priority, then level up your hybrids – it’s great bang for your buck.

  1. It’s also all about VIPs, so save those LPs

VIPs are also way, way better than legendaries. Not only are they significantly more powerful, but they hatch in 6 hours instead of several days. Play the prize drop every week, maxing out every day on every category except for the dino bucks one – that guarantees you a VIP at the end of the week, and the lotto gives you a good amount of food/DNA/rares you might need for hybrids, plus you might luck out and get an extra VIP by winning!

Past that, my LP strategy is once I’m up to 11k, I check the trade harbor as often as I can, and if I see a jurassic VIP, I get it. If I haven’t seen one by the time I get to 21k, I get a solid gold pack so I still have 11k in the bank if a jurassic VIP comes up.

  1. Level up your little guys

You’re going to want to max out your Majungasauruses, your Triceratopses, and your common amphibians and pterosaurs as fast as possible. I mean, max all of them all the way out. At some point, you’re going to get missions that require you to have x number of lvl. 30 or 40 dinos, either of a specific type or overall. So make the most of the dinos you can instantly/almost-instantly hatch and fuse to level 20.

  1. Buildings are terrible, but buy a lot of them

As mentioned above, buildings barely generate any coins at all compared to dinos. Still, you’re going to want a lot of them, because there are missions that require you to collect x amount of coins from either all your buildings or a specific type of building, so you never know when you’re going to be thanking your lucky stars you have 30 communication stations and aren’t waiting 24 hours for new ones to build. Also, always have a few of each coin-generating building available to you in your asset repository, because there’s nothing more annoying than waiting two days to complete a mission because an objective is “buy and place a Horizon Observatory.”

  1. Always be expanding
    Three basic reasons: in the early game it only costs coins, and you should always have plenty of those. Also, more expansions mean more space for dinos and buildings – see tip 8. Finally, eventually expansions are going to take a long time (like a week), so you want them in progress in case you get an “expand your park” mission goal.

  2. Do every Code 19 (once they come back)

It might seem like superhybrids are forever away and 5 s-DNA isn’t worth your time, but S-DNA is extremely rare and if you do every Code 19, it does add up.

  1. Dominator Dinos

There are people better at tournament lineup prepping than I am, so I’ll just say this: In tourneys, I aim for a team of lv. 10 s-hybrids (Except the Indo, I’m not ready for it yet), lv. 20 I-Rexes, lv. 40 common/rare/u-rare hybrids, lv. 20 VIPs, and lv. 40 legendaries. If I go into a tournament match with 3 of those and get any luck at all on matchups, I feel like I’m in good shape. If I go in with 1 or 2, I’ve got a chance if I get lucky.

  1. Battle basics

Again, much more in-depth stuff can be found here. I’ll just say this – the save action button is your best friend, because the AI doesn’t use it nearly enough. If you have a choice, only attack if you’re sure of a kill (eg if you need 2 hits to kill the other dino and it finished its turn with 2 APs, don’t attack with less than 4, because hurting a dino without killing it is pretty wasteful), and only defend if you have a really good reason to and are pretty sure it will prevent you from dying – there’s no bigger waste of AP than putting them into defense and having your dino die anyways. And glass cannons in the back, obviously.

  1. Be patient

Honestly, even with VIP, this game doesn’t really get fun until around a month in, and even now waiting for unlocks so I can get more hybrids is a frustrating process. (I’d love to make that Koolasaurus, Ludia, but I guess Carnivores aren’t having an easy enough time right now.)

  1. Keep coming on the forum for advice

I’m shocked at how devoted the community is to this freemium park builder/pokemon game, but it’s awesome. Tons of people on here know way more than I do, so listen to them – I’m eager to hear what they think about this.


One thing about the expansions, if you show restraint, you can expand your park and only use coins. If you’re buying expansions for Dinobucks, stop and let your level catch up. It may take about five levels, but eventually you will be able to buy expansions for coins once again.


I would add a few exceptions…

  1. If you are trying to complete missions, don’t necessarily level everything up right away. You will get stuck when you get to missions that require feeding. It’s a lot easier to level up when you reach missions that require that, vs. hatching brand new stuff to feed.

  2. You don’t need to max purchase all the tickets for the lottery. You do need all the 1st and 4th ones, and none of the 3rd ones that cost money, but the 2nd tickets, you just buy all 20 the first day they sell for DNA, and then 3 on the 2nd day. That will get you to the platinum wheel spin and a VIP.

  3. There certainly are quite a few players that love the game and have played for years without a VIP membership so it’s certainly possible to play with paying at all. Much more playable than most freemium games are in fact. But I agree that the VIP membership really is the best money spent in the game by far.

  4. Buildings are definitely worth buying early in the game, but eventually you’ll reach a point where they just don’t produce enough coins to be worth keeping vs. pretty much any dino paddock. I do hang onto a few that I like just as a collector. Again though, if you are doing missions, it does often pay to hang onto buildings.

But overall, good summary of tips for newbies.


Nice guide :ok_hand:. One comment on #6 - I’m not sure where others land on this since I am pretty new to the forum, but I stopped doing the daily prize drop months ago. I have just been using my LPs for solid gold packs, since it seems more cost effective…

Here’s some tracking data on the Prize Drop to help people decide is it worth it. Granted this was when the first prize wheel was the Bronze Wheel and not the current Zinc Wheel, but much of it still stands today.


I would disagree, actually. If you’re buying the LP tickets in bulk (which you should be), you’re spending 1,800 LP a day, or 12,600 a week instead of 10,000. With the 12,600, you get the same VIP spin a gold pack gets you plus:

– The Zinc, Silver, and Gold Dinos (Legendaries are nice, and maybe you’ll get something you really want for a hybrid from the other two)
– Tons of food and DNA. Today’s prizes are a 60% chance at 112,500 food and a 34% chance at 250 DNA. If I get the worse possible luck, I get 1,125,000 food, which really comes in handy – you won’t run out of food often in this game, but it’s SUPER annoying when you do. 10 DNA tickets would be 2,500 DNA, which is pretty nice as well. Even if you just end up with combinations of food and DNA, 10 tickets of it over 7 days really adds up for those resources.
– The 5% prize is a rainforest pavilion, which is kind of a terrible prize, but usually those are decent, and you have a decent shot at getting one of those per day.
– You get 70 1% shots at an extra VIP a week. I think I’ve only gotten this twice, but if you ONLY look at the 12,600 LP cost vs. the 10,000 LP cost, you’d need to hit the lotto once every 3.8 weeks to average things out.

When you put everything together, I think the wheel is worth it, although it is annoying getting your hopes up for that shiny VIP card and pretty much never getting it.

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Tip #14 stays winning.

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I would add as well, it gives you chances at getting most of the 50K VIPs. I’ve gotten all of the ones that you can get in the lottery, by now at least 2-3 copies of each, in about a year of fairly regularly playing the lottery. That alone makes it worth doing for me.

Oh, and one more thing: If you’re playing with your best creatures in a PvP or tournament match, have your phone plugged in! This game is a massive, massive battery drain, and in my experience 90% of the time you get a “low battery warning” the game will count that as a disconnect. Auto-lose, countdown reset. It’s not a good feeling. And again, if you’re playing near a charger, take the 15 seconds and plug that sucker in, because you will be shocked how fast your battery life will disappear.

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I’ll throw in my two cents about VIP. It’s very worth it. I know this because I do not have it (not much disposable income atm), but I can see the progress of others and it’s incredible compared to mine. And it really opens up your access to VIP creatures, which is a game changer. I plan on subscribing to it one of these days when I have the money.

Overall I think everyone has great tips. Very nice thread here.


The lotto is pretty good. In 2 months of VIP, I got 2x 50K VIPs in diamond packs and 1 VIP on a lotto ticket.

Those 3 alone, have paid for all of my LP lotto tickets.

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Well, that does depend a bit on your phone! My Samsung 10s has fantastic battery life and I can’t remember ever having the game throw me out due to low battery life, even the few times where it’s dropped really really low. I do plug it in if I am going to be doing some extended play (tournaments) and I do try to remember to close it when I’m done playing due to the battery drain, but it’s not something I particularly worry about in general.

On iPhones the low battery pop up causes a battle disconnect unfortunately. I have had it happen from time to tome but it is not an instantaneous thing and generally it only happens when I start playing with a low battery to begin with, otherwise I am done playing before it has a chance to drain my battery that low.

Again, a weird thing the game does to keep up the illusion of PvP, because when it happens during a “PvE” event you can continue your battle right where you left off.

Hm, when I was playing the lotto, I never got a VIP at the end of the week… I only maxed out the LP tickets and didn’t but any others. It never lets me buy the first ones - says “no content available” - is there some trick to getting these? The second ones are usually dino bucks, which doesn’t seem worth spending (though I think this does change during the week?). And the third is real money, which I think we can all agree is not worth it. So, what other tickets are you buying to get the VIP at the end of the week?

This is from Sionsith.


If you buy all of the lotto tickets for LP, coins, food and DNA, you’ll get a vip in a diamond spin which could also include a diamond pack On Monday morning. But you have to stick with it all week.

How about getting to Gold at the lottery for non-VIPs? I’ll just purchase the Diamond pack for dinobucks.

That was posted in another thread. You’ll have to spend about 1800DB on DB lotto tickets. Plus the final buyout around 4000DB for diamond.

Thank you - I will give it a shot this week. I never noticed you could buy slot 1 for coins - it always asked me to watch a video and said no content available :thinking:. Then, I reopened it and it let me buy 9 tickets. If there is a VIP card at the end of this tunnel, then I guess it is worth doing!