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Things I wish I knew when I started (A general guide)

Do you have ads disabled, such as for a minor’s account? If so, after you get the no content available message for the left hand tickets, perform any sort of action, such as collecting or purchasing other tickets or even exiting and reentering the Prize Drop Menu. Then you should be able to purchase 9 of the left-hand tickets for coins or food or DNA, whatever the purchase price is that day.

You can buy the diamond pack for no dna or Dino cash Expense buying silver tickets during the week. All you have to do isbuy the bronze tickets. at the end of the week you just need to be gold tier. I think that was a little higher than normal this week. Still worth it.

As I said, the game week overlaps for 2 hours(might be a time zone thing). I think a non vip can buy enough tickets to get to diamond tier. It’s just going to take crazy money to do it. Going to try it next week when I have about $25k to try.

With your problem with the ads (very frustrating to have it happen with the lottery tickets, I would definitely report that!) you might want to just buy more of the DNA tickets on the day where we usually only need 3. You might need only 2-3 of those to make up for the missing 1st slot tickets but that way you won’t have to spend DBs to get to the platinum prize.