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Things I wish I knew when I started…

If you are about to start playing this game seriously, you might want to reconsider.

When I started, I thought I could build a team and have a fair shot at the leaderboard if I could grind hard and build a smart team.

That’s not the case. By the time you can build a solid roster (months and months of grinding), your dinos are outdated and only the richest players can afford to keep up.

Ludia needs to address 2 things that keep the game unbalanced. Boosts and updates.

Boosts are a cash flow item. They allow you to increase health, attack and speed to gain an advantage. Cool concept, but… When players don’t need boosts anymore, that cash will stop going to Ludia’s pocket. I get that Ludia needs to make money. That said, this system places a stranglehold on player development because the next piece of this rant is where they really destroy your progress.

Updates. Every month, Ludia releases an update. Most of the time, they will “nerf” (weaken) a few dinos that are performing well and add some new supercharged dinos to the game. If you sunk 20 boosts into one or more of the nerfed dinos, they are stuck there unless you can stomach the insane refund tax. Every 2 boosts refunded equals one boost to move to another Dino. Basically, you are stuck with the boosts on your outdated Dino(s) until the next “boost reset,” an event where players are allowed to move their boosts to new dinos without the 50% tax. Until then, you have no chance against the high-dollar players at the top of the leaderboard who will have the newest dominant dinos fully leveled and boosted by the end of the week. By the time you have leveled and boosted these new dinos to a viable point, there are new, better ones available. It’s a never-ending grind that cannot be overcome without massive spending.

Boost resets occur maybe once every few months when they should be a 1/month occurance to keep parity in the game. It would also allow players to be more creative with their teams, and allow players to respond to the monthly updates. Players can’t experiment and have fun because of the extreme and unpredictable timeframe between boost events.

I heard one player mention that “skins” could be a cool way for Ludia to compensate for the slight drop in boost income that would result from a 1/month boost reset event.

That’s the end of my rant. Maybe I helped some new players understand what they are getting into, if they have aspirations of building a top team. If you have the money, it’s achievable. If not, you might look at another game with a system that doesn’t keep you constantly grinding and scrambling for an unattainable level of success.


All true. JWA is a “pay-to-win” game at this point. I cancelled VIP after they recently nerfed every resilent (without offering a boost reset) for no reason other than greed. It was a pure bait-and-switch. There’s some changes they could make to make the game more equitable for players like my 10 year old son who doesn’t have a prayer of competing with those who can afford to shell out thousands for every boost and offer, but they won’t because it would cost them money. In the meantime, their fanbase will become stagnant as people realize they’ve been had.


They need to come out with better rewards for end game players who have enough DNA to fuse anything and everything. Maybe make some additional unique rewards for top performing teams/players instead of the same old dna rewards at the end of the season.

You nailed it, John B.


Tbh, the next update should contain no new dinos. They should do only bug fixes, arena balancing, and remove the boost refund cost. How the arena change should work is that it should have creature lvl limits in each arena. I.e. Aviary 21-25, Lockwood Estate 17-21 etc. It should stop the droppers easily and make the arena more fun.


I don’t mind them making awful uniques incredibly good whether their components are exclusive or not (Spinoconstrictor) or making uniques that used to be Tyrant rarely seen in higher arenas (Same thing I just said) (Ardentismaxima), but what really bothers me are the lack of boost resets. They really should make a boost reset for every update, even if only 1 top creature got nerfed, they still should, before things like Trykosaurus, Ardentismaxima, Erlikospyx, Magnapyritor, etc were top tyrants of the game, now it’s SR3, Skoona, Spinocon, MRhino, etc are the tyrants now, would you really think the player who ran old tyrants that aren’t that good anymore would be able to compete against the player who invested in the new tyrants? Certainly not. The lack of boost resets really bum me out I just decided to give up on Arena progress because I can’t keep up with the boosts, maybe if we get boost resets more often I’ll consider trying to aim high on Arena but for now my arena retirement continues.