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Things ive noticed about the game

This is just a ramble about what I see with the game.

It’s a fun little game if you are looking to have fun.

My wife’s 4 year old grandson loves it. He battles constantly and loves to dart Dino’s.

He actually says "come here little Dino… We just want some DNA. "

He loves to battle and is surprisingly good at it. His trophy count is on the low side and his team is an utter hodgepodge of Dino’s i doubt he will ever see the aviary but…

He just don’t care. Dino’s attack make noise. He laughs. Rotates his skills. And learns them.

His mom and older sister help him out and have fun doing it.

Has he rage quit a battle… . Yup he is 4 and prone to temper out bursts cuz that’s what kindergarteners do… And just set down the phone and walked off during battles.

Recently I grew very angry with the bugs glitches arena droppers sand baggers random numbers etc.

Then I realized. This is a child’s game with grown up aspects. We are using imaginary monsters in an imaginary game. And maybe it would be worth it to approach it like he does and roar with the Dino and remember the fun.

You know as people we are geared to remember the bad more than the good. It’s a survival trait.

Those rotten bannnanas that made us sick and almost killed us bad never forget baaaaad.

Birthday feeling that you got when your rolled over and saw your loving partner for the 1000th time. Easier to get over written or forgotten.


Positive thinking … Nice!

But judging from the date you joined this community, Jan 4th, I guess you recently started playing this game? If less than ten days, you already had the following experience you mentioned yourself,
“Recently I grew very angry with the bugs glitches arena droppers sand baggers random numbers etc.”
I feel you will get more angry with the time goes by.

Many people get very frustrated by those bugs. They have been there like FOREVER. Ludia still hasnt fixed them, like the strike tower, etc.

Ludia does not do well with communicating with the players either, which is also very disappointing. If the mods can be more active in responding to suggestions or commenting on ideas, or even saying “your suggestion is noted, and we will pass down to the design team” is appreciated.

So, yea, hopefully, you will stay as positive as you are now after another several weeks.

Been playing since June or August.

So yeah I’m still new but not that new. But if you stay as positive as possible it helps. And if you don’t get hung up on being number one or overly competitive you can keep the fun… Imho

My stepson got me into this game and at first he loved it, but when he asked for google play money and was told no he stopped playing. Sure wish it wasn’t like that because kids should be able to play the dino game without it being an expense. Free to play is an option, but unfortunately compared to ps4 and xbox games it isn’t enough for many. I figure when he gets old enough to get a job I’m going to explain that he owes me a bunch of money for introducing me to it. Kidding of course!

Hahaha yup. I feel ya there. I don’t know who figured it out but them game makers have found out how to get us to drop so much money on phone games.

I recently found out that there are people who spent thousands on noble games a month.

I was like “Awweee hell the song was almost right” money for nothing and chicks for free… I gotta stop building hoses and start building games.

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ok, cool story