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Things ludia should add in update 2. 6 or future updates

  • pvp team battles + loot weel : similar to the prize wheel in jurassic world the game. This gives you also a 95 % chance to win 15 boss dna

  • epics for these families : entelodonts, terror birds, ground sloths,gorgonopsids, land crocs and oviraptorids

  • more spinosaurs, sauropods apatosaurus type, ceratopsids, stegosaurus and carnivores dilophosaurus type

  • uniques for gorgonopsids, ceratopsids, stegosaurs,raptors, ankylosaurs, spinosaurs, land crocs, herbivore synapsids and pterosaurs pteranodon type

  • more legendary non hybrids

  • nerfs for rixis, rhino and metrodon

  • legendary strike events : you don’t unlock hybrids in these strike events. Only the components. Example indominus rex strike event = t rex and velociraptor dna as start rewards like in the exclusive creatue incubators

  • more on escape, swap in and counter moves


I’m sorry what???


Sorry i wanted to write nerfs. Didn’t noticed i wrote buffs


Hmmmm :mag: :eyes:

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Here are the possible missing Epics for these families.
Entelodons : Daeodon
Terror birds : titanis or Brontornis
Ground sloths : Megatherium
Gorgonopsids : dinogorgon or Rubidgea
Land crocs : saurosuchus, Arizonasaurus or kaprosuchus gen 2
Oviraptoroids : Chirostenotes or Citipati


Terror bird you forgot gastornis

Everyone forgot about gastornis

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Yes i did. But i want Brontornis more than gastornis since he is the biggest terror bird besides kelenken

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Please more land expansion I have no more room

So, 2 things in my mind here:
Ur talking about Jurassic World the Game and land expansion on there, and so this is the Jurassic World Alive forum
Ur talking about JWA and the circle perimeter thing

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I think the jwtg thing

95% for boss dna?
Isn’t that too much?
Maybe 1% or 0.1% idk


yeah 95 may be to much, I feel like maybe less than 50%, somewhere in that area

Ok I went on the wrong forum lol sorry about that thanks for the reply tho

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Here are updates I would like for 2 creatures in the game (just concepts to make them a little better for raids. :slight_smile: )

download (2)

(Eremoceros doesn’t have to have swap-in distraction, but it does deserve a counter attack, same with Tragodistis. The Group Dig in Taunt would make Eremoceros more helpful in raids without losing it’s viability in the arena! The Group Invincibility Taunt for Tragodistis was just a little idea that I had to improvise it, the main thing Trago needs is a Rampage and Counter Attack, the slight attack buff I figured would help it’s healing for raids. The resistances are just a little icing on the cake. :wink:)

Next update ludia should
Big nerf monolometrodo
That’s the only thing i want for 2.6

As i agree metrodon became only so powerful after boosts arrived

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Actual new creatures
Rinchenia- common
Stegoceras- rare
Struthiomimus- epic
Tsintaosaurus- epic exclusive (i guess)
Andrewtodon- epic, andrewsarchus+glyptodon?
Refrenantem - sent to discarded creatures

Hybrids :
Glythornax (rare) = Glyptodon + lythornax
Archaeocypion (rare) = archaeotherium +amphimachairodus
Entelorhacos (epic) = Entelodon + phorusrsacos
Nundagosaurus (epic) = nundasuchus + Tuojangosaurus)
Erliphosaurus (legendary) = erlikosaurus + dilophosaurus
Koolasaurus (legendary) = koolasuchus + sarcosuchus

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I like those ideas the game is really lacking rare hybrids