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Things members need

I think it’s obvious that members need more privileges besides having a longer range and leveling up faster. First of all members should have more darts, it has always been a maximum of 140 darts regardless of membership. Members should also have it easier to get coins and cash. And what’s with the premium incubator? If you already paid to be a member, why should you pay to get cash to then get an incubater? Why not give members that premium incubator that they long for when their membership expires, or at least a 12 hour incubator.

As vip it is easier to get cash and darts as the supply drops give a higher level of supplies…

Don’t think we should get free incubators, no incentive to drop Ludia money…

More darts, yes please although not difficult to keep topped up by moving around.

Extended battery range without that pesky escape fence would be nice

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Metahub have some info from Data Mining for Vip Subscriptions .

I mean in general, not just by going to supply drops