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Things that are fundamentally wrong with the game

I’m not going to sugarcoat this game anymore because its become almost unplayable.

  1. I have dropped from 4200 trophies - Lockwood Estate where I was sitting comfortably for months down to 3400 trophies (Sorna Marshes) because Im being matched up against people with level 26 to 30 dinosaurs, the lower I fall the higher level people I’m being matched up against… makes sense.

  2. Cloak/Dodge algorithm is broken. It works 1 or at best 2 times in around 1 in 15 battles. Others can cloak 4 times and dodge 5 or 6 moves back to back in one battle.

  3. Critical Hit again, broken. 1 in 15 battles I will get 1 critical hit with example; thor but again people get back to back critical hits one after another anything up too 6 critical hits in one game almost every battle.

  4. People using 2 of the same dinosaur in one team.

  5. People having 5 different dinosaurs in one battle.

  6. People having 3 turns and not even being able to use a move.

  7. Insta-charge rarely stuns, again 1 in 20 games I played it’s worked twice.

  8. People being stunned and then being able to use a move.

  9. Using pinning strike on a dinosaur and yet low and behold still manages to swap. They aren’t immune, have cleansed or healed at all.

  10. Lower speed dinosaurs being faster than yours even though they genuinely have a lower speed stat, you have 0 negative effects and your a higher level.

  11. Dracoceraptos. That’s all that needs to be said.

Agree to disagree with the issues but I’ve cancelled my VIP membership. I can’t warrant spending money on a game that is so broken and is getting worse.


It sounds like you purchased a defective VIP package.

Some VIP’s had issues with theirs: no stunning, cloak not functioning, Crit malfunction.

There was a fix put in with 1.6. Have you updated your game?

Something is really wrong.

Ludia was supposed to fix matchmaking. I am really surprised I could finish tournament in 4760 and just one day later I am nearly 400 trophies lower.

Barely 4400… RNG and Dracoceratops is fine for me. Sometimes is in favor, sometimes against…

Perhaps post your battle team n maybe someone can give advice wat to change?
I’ve come to realise team lvl needs to be avg 25 to be comfortable in lockwood/lower aviary, assuming it’s a balanced team, with a bit of everything, chomper, bleeder, tanks, nullifyer, speeders/immune. Even then u will likely still experience big swings with such a team. Its just wat it is.

I see this mentioned infrequently on these forums. These aren’t physically possible. Someone would have to be hacking and rewriting the game to do it.


You forgot to mention matchmaking. That is currently the biggest issue the game has right now.


Regarding point 1 I agree. The pairing system does not work well but in large part because of players who go down and raise levels expressly. On the other hand, during the tournament the fact that many players stop playing once a goal is set creates a very strange circumstance (which can be explained mathematically) that causes players to lose position without an option to improve. This weekend I came to consider leaving the game.

I can agree that really the dracoceratops (and the tryko) are too powerful and damage the game, but in the end they are all selectable and it does not give anybody any advantage.

Regarding everything else, I really do not agree. I play every day and I fight every day and:

I have never met a rival with 5 creatures
I have never faced a rival that repeats dinosaur (I know that someone else has happened).
I never see speed errors, even if there are information errors.
Nor have I ever encountered the strange mistakes you make.
I make statistics and in general the critics of all the creatures and the possibility of evasion is fulfilled as much in my creatures as in the rival creatures although there are bad spells that are explained by statistical theories. I have only found two small irregularities in the sense that Monostegotops and Tryko seem to have a little more critical options and not to be stunned than they should and that Erli eludes less than he should but they are small differences that I do not know if they are statistically relevant .



It is a big pain to lose more than 15 battles in a row after being in +4750 yesterday during tournament . Today I only have 4286. it seems something is really broken and do not know why…
AT this pace. tomorrow I may have 2500 trophies.

Im having that problem of facing 5 dinos mostly. I cant do anything even if i went to help n support. Is this bots gone wrong or a new type of cheater ?

It happends to me in ivary alot and im sick of it. Its annoying enough they got all the rng lover and now this ?

HERE I HAD THE SAME thing. Is this somekind of hack or what ? I never have a straigth answer from the help and support.

I know how it’s coming across, I’m not a sore looser honestly. I get sometimes you win and sometimes you loose and I’m ok with that but I’m just constantly loosing every single battle to some informality in the game. Weather it’s an obsurd amount of critical hits in one battle or people’s dodge/cloak working back to back without fail and mine won’t even become effective once. This game needs fixing fast because there is such an imbalance and I have lost almost 1000 points, dropped 2 arenas and yet conveniently I am getting matched up against people who have level 28 to 30 dinosaurs. It seems the more you drop in league the harder it gets and it’s hard enough with the amount of cheating/hacking and other things that doesn’t make sense so why should I pay for this game?

It’s frustrating because at one point in time I absolutely loved this game. It was fun, fair and balanced and the win loss ratio would be about 50/50 which is fine. You would win some and you loose some but lately it just seems implausible some of the things that go on in the battle arena weather it’s exploits in the game or not it’s almost impossible to win a single game and then you drop hundreds of points to only be placed up against people that are at a much higher level then you. I can’t be the only one thinking this game has gone down hill?

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I have experienced a lot of these things, which is the reason why I pretty much stopped battling unless I absolutely have to. And cancelled VIP of course. I will say though, that bot teams can have copies of the same dinosaur, and possibly extra? They usually switch out a lot too. So perhaps you met some bots?

You’re not alone, trust me…

Noi non abbiamo acquistato il pacchetto VIP eppure abbiamo gli stessi problemi!

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