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Things that I still do not know about the game


Hi all

There are two pieces of information that I would like to know:

The first is about whether at some point it has been made explicit by the organization that a superhybrid is already a final creature that can not have new hybrids. This is very important to me. I have decided to evolve the superhibidas not unic of my team (stegodeus, tragodistis, spiniotasuchus and Tryostonix) with the conviction that they will never have a hybrid. On the other hand, I have not evolved those good creatures not superhibited (Monomimus, Suchotator, monolometrodon, dymodactylus, …) for the possibility that at any moment a hybrid appears. What I do makes sense?

The second thing I would like to ask is whether there are tables regarding the possibility of obtaining an epic capsule in an epic capsule event and / or a rare capsule in a rare capsule event. Since these aromas came out in the month of September I have completed all the epic capsule events (about 30 to two per week) and I have not obtained any epic capsules since the first week which is very frustrating. Maybe it is normal and the possibility is less than 3% but if so, I would change the name of the event so as not to cause frustration. If the possibilities are much greater, I must simply understand that I have very bad luck.


A while ago I forgot a third question … although the first two still have no answer :).

The Spawn are “Mathematicians”?. That is, the creatures should only appear in the corresponding zones or in the corresponding “nest”? I mention it because this week I’m focusing a lot on the spawns and I’ve seen some things that I have not understood. For example,

A Euplocephalus has just appeared near my work surrounded by suchumimus (I am in area 4) and there is no car repair here, at least 500 meters away.

The other day a Spinosauro gen 2 appeared in a wooded area, outside of the area and away from any school.

Every once in a while a Monolophosauro Gen 2 appears near my house, outside of its area and away from any “Beauty salon”

Should I interpret that this is normal or is it about Google maps errors (old business, translation errors, …)?


That is normal. Every creature has the possibility of spawning everywhere. But that chance is low. So what you see in the metahub chart are only probabilities of dinos spawning in certain zones

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For the first point there is no such rule, only that for now no super hybrid dinosaur gets an hybrid.
But they can change it at anytime, just like you can level up something and he can be buffed, nerfed, or nothing change but the meta around making it useless.
What you are doing is the most likely scenario and probably the safer if your main concern is coins and dna regarding all the infos we know at the moment.

For the third point exactly as explained by @Wilshire1966. A random spawn is not unusual. If you watch the same thing happening multiple times it could be a nest based on wrong infos. It’s possible.

The second point is can only be extracted from gathering data and even that I wouldn’t find it relevant. They can change this whenever they want without noticing us. If it can makes you feel better I only get one epic scent too. Some got more than 5 in the same time. Nothing much to do about this.

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Thank you both for your answer.

The first point is for me the only concern. I must make decisions and I must have some basis for it. I already know that some creatures can be nerfed or that new perfect dinos can appear to fight against them. It’s something that I do not like but I’ve already assumed it. Another thing is that a Stegodeus hybrid appeared after having spent a large amount of coins, time and DNA to raise it. I get angry many times with the game but I end up calming down. If that happens some day, which I hope not, really the anger would be very big and it is possible that I decided to leave the game. In the end the game is a contrast of good moments (each epic that appears, overcome a difficult event, win a battle against a complicated opponent, …), disappointments (every 10 in a fusion, every normal capsule in a epic capsule event, every rare or epic incubator that only grants unusable DNA, every dino epic that disappears when you approach, every dino that appears in an event tower and you can not capture,…) and anger (the nerfs in the version changes, the percentages little credible in the critics or invisibilities, losing eight times in a row with rivals of a much higher level,etc). If at some point the last ones exceed the first ones, it is best to leave the game. I have been ready several times but finally I still stand … and I hope to continue like this.


Things I still dont know about the game

  1. Why does Gorgosuchus not have 20% armor?!?!
    Look at his back!! That’s atleast a 15% armor right there…
  2. Why does Tryostronix not have a full sail? Its probably because it would look like a spinosaurid.