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Things That Make You Go “HUH?”

This was after they used a lvl 28 boosted Mortem that they swapped out and into two other high level boosted Uniques. Was then expecting the Mortem to come back out, and then this happened.

image image


probably trying for the anky achievement.
“win 1 season PvP match with ankylosaurus as your last creature”
its going to be annoying to get at higher arenas.


I’m so mad at myself. I had Anky on my team, and I could have left my opponents cunning dino on <200 health then swapped it in, but I killed them instead :sob:

Guess I’ll wait for the seasonal reset to try it then.

Cuz the only other way to easily acquire it in the higher arenas is to drop, and I definitely ain’t planning on doing that.

i’m seriously considering it. but i’m gonna wait till after season reset and the tournament.
i want to know for sure that tournament battles don’t count before i drop for that achievement and others like it.

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A couple days ago in Lockwood Estate I faced a team of four level 1 dinosaurs. It left me scratching my head as these were not new creatures to the game but original V1 dinosaurs.

I lost about 6 matches trying to pull this 1 off in gyro. Finally got the combo of Rinex and Anky, finished it with rampage and run. I will likely let people win for a while if the break out an anky near the end

I had just planned to throw the match as a courtesy to the opponent if they pulled an anky out. I can afford the loss if the achievement makes someone happy :slight_smile:

Oh was that you?

Damn, you caught me at a bad night, if I had known this was an achievement I’d taken the L

LOL no no, that wasn’t me I’m not that high up yet.

I’m just saying if I see an anky in the opposing team I’m going to pat it by on the head, tell it it’s a good boy (or girl), and just mosey on over to the next match.