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Things that weren't broken before 1.10

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Bug Description: “Collect” bubble on free incubator NEVER goes away.

Area is was found in: Main page

How do you reproduce the bug: load the game.

How often does it happen:always

What type of device are you using: iPhone xR

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)


If I go to Social -> shared sanctuaries -> sanctuary, every thing is fine. But when I back out, I don’t get the list of sanctuaries, I get nothing until I hit “social” again.

The blood and breathing effects do NOTHING to enhance the game. However, I won’t give the game to my special education students anymore when we’re on a bus or for break time. You have so many things to fix, that this was an utter waste of time. If you really think there’s a call for it, make it opt in.

Hey waldo, our team is looking into some of the issues you had mentioned. Regarding the blood feature, if you go into your in-game Settings, you’re able to toggle the option off.

I hope that helps!

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