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Things that you might not have considered

Why not add duo colored (power) dragons to the game? It shouldn’t be too hard to add. I should know.

I do remember seeing such suggestion before.

that sounds like a good idea.

Well I have put such a post before.

First you need to decide how weak and strong hits work with it. And since there’s no tiles with two color, if it’s like how it work with one colored dragon, then it would need to have about half spirit speed and half attack or something like that to be a balanced dragon. That is, averagely it can use as many times ability and deals as much damage but it may be harder to activate its ability at the beginning of a battle. Or should it be something else? It’s hard to have one such dragon and still make it as strong as one dragon instead of two. And then the requirements in duties and quests need to be changed too to keep up with the change. That’s all the problem that I have thought of.


How I’ve seen this work based on my experience with puzzle and dragons is that the said dragon would have one main power and a secondary one.