Things we still don't know

What ate the crew of SS Venture? - Some of you will say that it was the Buck Rex but we are not sure. There are some issues with this. I’m not saying that the raptors did this, I’m just saying we should know how it really was.

Pteranodons attacking the boat - Some people still think that the Spino attacked the boat, I think we should see exactly how the pteranodons attacked the boat and what happened to those two mans that were on it.

Ben’s death - How exactly Ben died?

T-Rex’s urine - How exactly Ben have collected T-rex’s urine?

How Rexy was captured for Jurassic World - It kinda speaks for itself.

Did I missed something?

Ask and the great Klayton Fioriti shall provide. Seriously, there is no one better to answer these questions. :slight_smile:

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