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Things you don't want in 1.9

That really scares me, it’s hard to win now with all the boosted rats and Thors out there

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1.6.20 : HP increased from 3,000 to 3,600
1.8 : HP reduced to 3210
Still awesome though :smiling_imp:

So far it’s worked out well…now I need Irritator dna…ran out

FIP like mad in the sanctuaries - I got mine from L25 to L27 100/400

Been playing over a year, still haven’t been able to create Magna.
I have more than a few uniques, some at L25… but no Magna.

Yeah it’s weird how they say it’s easy to create



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I don’t want alliance tools or matchmaking fixed. Maybe my reverse psychology will work. :wink:


Magna was nerfed because they wanted it to be more in the rat bait range. So then you will buy health boosts to help get it out of that range. But it won’t help much all it takes is a small basic attack and it’s back as rat bait or with some higher boosted rats it will be in range if your magna isn’t lvl 30 with all maxxed boosts… Other than that it’s a great lovely dino. That is easily among the hardest to level and create.


Probably everything we are getting. Because I’d much rather have:

-Alliance leader monitoring tools.
-Strike towers disappear into regular supply drops after completing.
-tap and hold to enter strike tower or sanctuary.
-ability to view all dinos in a sanctuary before going into it.
-leaving a sanctuary takes you to the shared sanctuaries and not the map.
-get rid of the 4th of July supply drop theme.
-ability to communicate with random people in your area that are in a sanctuary.
-view the amount of coins collected on a supply drop after the reset but before the next morning. (Mine is 8pm)
-get rid of the blue “no internet” screen and just use the old one that says “reconnect” with the error message. Or better yet just reconnect itself instead of asking it to.
-better chat system in alliance where it doesn’t disappear after so many messages.
-show more than THE top contributor on alliance missions. Maybe top 5 or 10.
-ability to see your highest score fired on each Dino while collecting dna.
-and mostly make the non Boosted battle arena again for people like myself who don’t want to boost or people who want to fight like we used to before 1.7.

None of that is asking too much and all are good additions to the game.


Only issue about the rollback on boosts is that people would be more inclined to put all their boosts into Thor and the Rat again. Would seem pointless.

  1. Rat being buffed to a higher tier
  2. Unbalanced arena
  3. Plethora of glitches and bugs
  4. Crit and armor boosts

Dodge still being 66%

  • current boosts model
  • current punisher matchmaker
  • more bugs to collection (we need to have more creatures than bugs in this game)
  • nerf more creatures we spent months to unlock
  • @Ludia_Developers not participating in this forum

More than already put in? A rollback will create stupid OP Thoras and DracoRats and also uneven teams with MVPs that when not brought out will result in total losses. So imagine a tier 8 Thora being followed by a tier 3 Erlid. So 2 dinos down.

It caps off the amt of food and stuff u get from supply drops so it’s taking me forever to get enough to lvl up…I’ve put my Draco rare in a Sanctuary since it started and I am still trying to get to lvl 20

It took me forever to get Magna too…also Tenanto rex…no Dimetrodons and very scarce Tenanto

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I don’t want:
The same arena exclusive dinos
The same daily dinos
Everything else that was already mentioned.

Switch something up for once in your life, Ludia.


Swap in dodge must be reworked.

No sense receiving +1500 damage from Erlidominus and then Quetzorion 1 shoted by a stand-by DC.


I don’t want limit on darts.

You spend 10 in a row, you get 4. 10 spent. You get 4… 140 is not enough.