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Things you find funny about JWA


The game in general.

If Megalosuchus is lightning quick, wouldn’t it be faster than its ancestor and rival the speed of the raptors?

Mentions having defense due to its spikes, yet has 0 defense :joy:


Monolophosaurus critical chance = 5%
Stegoceratops critical chance = 5%
Monostegotops critical chance = 20%???


The balance.


The dino Ninja Mafia that hangs outside all day.


And thaaaat’s how maffia works.


Loose reference to the webcomic Sam & Fuzzy with a ninja mafia that’s a bit inept at being either

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Armor piercing attacks penetrate armor.

When two players perform swap in abilities, the fastest acts first.

Having a fast creature means you have more chances to attack.


Some of the Dino info doesn’t add up like megalosuchus. Others like erlikosaurus unfortualty go true to the text


Don’t forget: MegaloSuchus just uses Gorgosuchus’s DNA, but gets nothing from her(skills). Not even a single move that is specific to GorgoSuchus. Ferocious Strike is common for both parents though.

She is more of a Megalosaurus wrapped in a GorgoSuchus outfit.


Or when they described tentorex phrasing “you want a faster trex? tento is the dino for you!” Yet you have Thor who is the same speed as tentorex and much much easier to level up lol.