Things you find odd

That’s the title. Let me start. I find it weird that I managed to kill a diplodocus on full health with a pyroraptor 2 tourneys ago. The guy didn’t even play that bad, just used shield advantage where he should’ve used resilient strike. I went pounce, strike, instant distraction, pounce while he did resilient strike, resilient strike shield advantage. Now you could be saying that he should’ve done decelerating rampage instead of the second resilient strike, but if I did instant distraction he still would’ve ended up taking 4.5k damage. Which is ironically more than what most fierce creatures can deal to it. How does this make sense? Diplodocus is a resilient that beats fierce, and pyroraptor is a cunning that beats or heavily damages resilients that fierce creatures fall to


On equal lvl ,full hp,a smart diplo always win.Just adv.Shld/res strike/res strike.

I think it is quite odd that a company full of people, who are obviously quite bad at their job, still gets profits. The world is a strange place.


2.3 :neutral_face:


I find it odd that we have no legendary or unique dino with Debilitating Distraction.


I find it odd that a lot of uniques and legendaries are usless.

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Italian ice with pieces of fruit in it.
Why? No need for that.

I find it odd that alankylosaurus doesn’t have a hybrid after it being in the game for almost 2 years.


On a related note, I find it odd that they didn’t make Alankylosaurus the hybrid of Ankylocodon and Alanqa.

I find it odd that Alloraptor is slower than Smilonemys

I l find it odd how a Therizinosaur is faster than a raptor


I find it odd that megatherium has 102 speed with a 100% deceleration while it being a cunning creature.


I find it odd that a turtle is faster than a T-Rex


Lol yeah I find it odd that they give stuff with low speed immunity to deceleration. Like congratulations, you can always outspeed Apatosaurus. Or even worse, when they only have 50% resistance and no deceleration abilities.


I find it odd that “Lightning-Quick” Megalosuchus is slower than Ankylosaurs, Crocodinos, and Bowling ball dinos (Doedicurus).


I found that the bot showing mercy on me in a gold strike event for acro was odd, had the chance to kill me, and I thought bots always go for the kill

I find odd a T-rex can be faster than veloraptor with speed boosts

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I find it odd that Spinonyx is the only bleeder with a good enough moveset that keeps it from being completely or nearly completely useless, while the rest, like the supposedly Fierce-Resilient Stygidaryx, doesn’t have anywhere near the same amount of offensive capabilities.

Even it’s ingredient Darwinzopteryx, has a better moveset thanks to it’s Fierce Impact.


Not really. Stigy is more of a swapper. In and out constantly swapping. Darwez has a kit that’s a bit of a mess. But spinonyx is probably the best or second best bleeder in the game thanks to its immunity and damage

Yeah but Cleansing Swoop doesn’t do enough damage and most creatures players run in Gryosphere and above are either 100% or heavily resistant to Swap Prevention (negating No Escape), while Stygidaryx’s one good move is locked behind a one turn delay. And since it has no Resistance to Decel, it’ll probably be dead before it can use it.