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Think about this


So the current way of thinking is that Lucia shouldn’t be nerfing Utarinex , and that all the nerfing and buffing is ruining the game .
But is it really ?
If they didn’t do this we would all have exactly the same team and every match up would be a draw . So where’s the fun in that ?
A nerf here , a buff there and all if a sudden teams change , new Dino’s shine and the fun continues .


Yes, because that’s a difficult to built up unique class dino.
It supposed to be worth that cost.

No, just like I personally not complain on Dracorex gen2 nerf.


No. draws happening will be very unlikely. Even if everyone has the same team, it will be another fundamental feature in the game that will prevent draws: RNG. RNG determines your 4 dinos in your team and also determines whether you will get a crit, stun, dodge,…but yeah, some limited tweaking will always be needed to balance the game, when your introducing new dinos or moves in each update. But nerfs/buffs should be very limited in order to prevent the affected dino being totally dead or OP. And then there is also the ripple effect to other dinos who might share similar moves that are nerfed/buffed that are effected more signicantly than the dino they first had in mind to nerf/buff.