Think I have been cheated by but or someoe


How is this even possible. One battle 2 losses one after another the 2nd one with blank name I didn’t even touch anything or even battle it was just a second apart. The one with a name I had energy left in my dinosaur and all of a sudden I lost when I still had power to fight like it forfeited without me doing anything and this game was exactly the same. And forfeited me even though I was winning the battle. Feels like I was cheated on 3 times In a row. Is there a way we can report them.

Bugs or cheating?

Hey Mark_Molloy, I’m sorry that this happened, but it’s most likely caused by a connection error. When this happens, force closing and relaunching the game immediately should put you back into your battle again. If you have more information on what happened before the match closed out on you, contact our team here at with your support key so they can gather more information for their investigation. In the meantime, some of the troubleshooting steps here could help prevent this issue for now: Lost a battle I was winning


Cheating or a bug?

The last person I played nothing happened for 5 or so min then the game told me they had won and we never finished the first battle, also now what I get more DNA their name comes up saying they won? I’m I hacked?

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