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Think I might be done here


I am a paying player and it seems here lately I am getting the worst R.N.G. I have ever seen. I am at lv 14 and my team consists of level 18 to 20 dinosaurs all of them great hybrids. My problem is here lately I am getting beat by players 2 and three levels lower then me. And it’s not because I do not know what I am doing. It is HORRIBLE R.N.G. I have stopped using my indom rex because that 50% success rate on his cloak is gotta be more like 5%. Sorry to sound so gruff but I play and pay to win and have fun not to get frustrated. Anyone else having the same kind of issues?? I will try swtiching my team up but if this doesn’t work my money and I are done here.


Yeah, the RNG could do with a major tweak or three. Have you played the gold tower yet? If you don’t have high level hybrids (20+), you won’t survive.


I completely understand your frustration. My Indom Rex cloaks for show on the regular. I did beat the tower but I surely didn’t bring her into that battle. I was worried for a moment at the end and wasn’t sure if I had Charlie beat or not. The tower was most certainly the hardest one to date. It took me all 4 dinos to get the job done. I may have been able to have gone about in a different order but I feel it still would have took all 4 to get it done. They got me with a few critical hits that made me say wowwwww.


Your not alone… im not as high as you guys and im very bored with this game. I will get bored enough it will bedeleted from my phone never to be played again



@Dalek62771 for the raptor gold tower I used nothing near l20 - 3 Dino’s all l17, 1 legendary, 1 epic, 1 common (4th stayed on the bench, but was only an epic). Did use 3 (but that was down to RNG, opponents had some crits, I had no crits and my stunner tank failed on 75 and 33% hits so lasted less than I had hoped and dino 3 was purely one final blow killing delivery)


I’m torn. On the one hand I cant help but fee a little bit of smug glee seeing a cloak-spamming indominus getting its but kicked when so many of them screw me over by dodging everything that I throw at them. But on the other hand I totally get the frustration of rng as obviously I’m on the receiving end all too often.

The rng-sets, like indominus, stegoceratops, monomimus etc are the cancer of this game. There’s already way too much rng in this game between the random team rolls, crits, and just the shear luck needed to get large amounts of specific dna. Dinosaurs whose movesets rely ENTIRELY on rng are just a slap in the face, and to make it worse Ludia somehow built the game to reward people for gambling on these stupid things by making them be some of the best dinos in the game. How, when by all rights they should be mediocre at best as they fail half the time, is beyond me.


Just keep praying to RNGeesus


Losing streaks happen. So do winning streaks. But in the long run you win/lose 50% of the time, no matter what level you are.


Exactly. Human brain is good to keep loses in mind and to forget about wins. Maybe I should make a post when my cloak works 3 times in a row

Still not the case just like we show you in the last topic…