Think its time REF gets nerfed

There’s a reason its on every single team in the top 100 basically (and even further).

Arena is turning into a situation where an opponent pulls a boosted Ref, and unless you have a faster boosted Ref or one of the few counters in the right situation - you lose. It’s ridiculous.

The sad thing is - Ref is a FREE creature ANYONE can get by just getting carried to raids. So anyone can get it, anyone can throw all their boosts on it, and run through teams that are further developed.

Sure if has counters in certain situations (Boa, Skoona, Para, Ankylos Lux etc) but even those counters can be situational at times and it just RUNS THROUGH everything else.

I’m on both sides of it, I’ve had it on my team where my opponent had nothing for it and wasn’t even able to wittle it down, and vice versa. At this point, something needs to change - it’s just too much. Maybe less HP, maybe add to the Super Distraction cooldown, something.


It literally just got buffed in the last update…


No it is fine
Skoona, Testa, Mammolania, Dio, Anky Lux, Hydra Boa, PThops, Spx, Orion, Andrewtops, Spinocon, TBoa all counter it


First delete Indot and now ref nerf…yay!!

(I’m starting to really hate nerf and delete threats)


Who needs a boosted one? I’ve been winning with an unboosted lv 26 Ref. I swapped out my fully boosted Magnus and seem to be doing just fine.

I think Super Distraction should probably have a 1 turn delay. It already has another priority move to stop serious damage, plus a swap in move for 100% distraction. Just making Ref wait one turn should be okay.


Agree 100%
Nerf nerf threads


I’m all for any nerf at this point. The nerf threads don’t stop and they’ve already nerfed one of my dinos. Why not nerf them all? xD

This was the exact problem with ref before it got buffed
You’re joking right?


Testa loses
Mammolania loses
Spinocon loses
Thops loses
Dio loses
Troodoboa loses
Hydra loses or draws
Skoona draws
Ankylux fair
Orion needs to be faster

Every single one of them(except hydra for obvious reasons) get put into swap range T1 btw
Maybe check before making a list of “counters”

First off, overbuffing is a thing and that is exactly what happened to ref. And secondly, ref has 600 extra hp(which translates to over a thousand in arena) and a lot more resistances to work with now, so it won’t be in the same situation


I deliberately havent contributed to one of these theads in the past, but ref IS an issue, certainly far more of one than pho ever was.
In my experience skoona certainly isnt a viable counter, my semi-boosted lvl25 one has repeatedly been taken out by unboosted base level refs, as has my lvl 26 spinocon - 1st hit. i cant speak for parat as mines only at lvl 23 so its not a viable comparison


Stop the reply’s and let this thread die off


A well played one of any of these creatures can crush a ref
By the way you’re telling me that creatures with over 8000 and 10000 raw hp lose to a pure cunning


All of you r not gonna do that lol

I’m not going to reply anymore this thread isn’t worth my time


Hilarious, it’s like you’re forgetting this cunning has a stunning bleeding impact, and if they do beat ref then give me a move order for each of them


They absolutely do.

Situationally, they CAN win. But Ref can also break them down pretty easily - or even swap out to a creature that dominates them when they’re left in a crippled state.

On paper, Ref has a bunch of counters 1v1, but not so much when you consider it can swap to other things currently in the meta while mitigating nearly all damage to itself and dealing heavy, lasting damage against opposing teams.


Not at all. Ref can absolutely destroy anything not resistant or immune to distraction. Mine does, with no boosts at all. Even some of these so-called counters have been losing to my Ref, or at least being left with barely any health.

The other solution is to remove bleed since it’s, you know, a fierce move intended on taking down resilient critters. I feel like that destroys Ref entirely, though.


Ref did not at all need that much health when it got buffed. Cunning health maximums are usually 4200, so buffing Ref over that was already pushing it. 4500 would have been a pretty darn good starting point, and I think the Super Distraction buff was a bit much too.

Keep the priority, keep the lack of delay, but I think ding it back to a 1x multiplier. SD as it is now has just way too much being a part of it, and it shows.


Did you forget that most of these creatures have shields can cleanse Distraction have heal or are immune to distraction or bleed

  • Testa: Weak to Bleed
  • Lania: Weak to bleed
  • Spinocon: Weak to bleed
  • Thops: Weak to distraction and biggus multipliers
  • Anky Lux: Fair enough
  • Hydra Boa: Fair enough
  • Orion: Gets stunned and whacked by priority
  • Troodoboa: Priority weakness.