Think its time REF gets nerfed

Dam I wish been using haast max since release, actually does well vs most refs tbh, hopefully can get her to lv30 in 3 weeks :crossed_fingers:

Agreed. I think the stun and bleed defines this powerful apex creature, but instead super distraction could have 3 cooldown instead of 2 (I mean fabled fangs has 3 lol). Just abit of health nerf (and prob minor attack nerf to 1500) could do enough justice to this apex dilo.

Quetzor can beat ref

Yeah unless ref lands the stun. Poor quetz gets trashed by everything else though so not really advantageous fielding him in the hopes he can somewhat counter ref, whereas ref can dent almost everything in the game.

I agree with that, SD having only a 2 turn CD for being essentially a super juiced up fabled fang doesn’t make sense. It needs to lose something, be it the bleed, the stun or the dodge remove. If not, at least either add another turn for the CD or a delay of 1.

That’s the point as to why the 1v1 matchups at level 26 aren’t indicative of real world arena.

Also, with the right movesets - Ref still beats most Quetz.

Quetz is immune to dot making it a great ref counter

If people play it like that, sure. But most Refs wont bother with the DOT move and instead opp for CS and Rampage - which will two shot most Quetz with how the current boost spreads are.

A pure cunning has no business bleeding and killing tanks that should be dominating it.

Nah in that case ref will be too specialized, like t erikospyx, trebax would be better than it as it can nullify (while doing damage), dodge and do speed increase apart from distraction.

With that said, ref can get a nerf on the amount of dot it’s doing, e.g from 25% for 2 turns to 15% for 2 turns.

Id rather lose the dot and stun and keep the cooldown to 2. The hp definitely needs a minor nerf to 4500 minimum.

I wouldnt base ref on being too powerful based on the class system when you have “pure fierce” decelrating and applying 100% distraction

Long invincibility? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Unless ref is faster, which requires an unholy amount of speed, or unless it stuns, it’s not beating orion


If ref is faster, it wins. SD → Alert Null → rampage if quetz uses Invinc. If quetz tries to dodge, SD is available next turn anyway.

Spinocon can tie with ref

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It seems that the point is that anything on the top 100 teams should be nerfed? Is that the logic?


So me and my opponent each started with Ref. I won the speed tie twice taking out their Ref and proceeded to win 3-0 taking out Taurus and Mortem.

In a previous match, I lost 0-3 to a super boosted lightning Thor. It all evens out. No big deal. It’s the luck of the draw.


When I draw Ref and my opponent doesn’t I’m happy.

When I don’t and my opponent does my opponent is happy.

When neither of us draw Ref we most likely both look at what we have and hope the other hasn’t drawn Ref.

It’s all part of what makes the game fun, the not knowing until it comes up.

If we took all the aces out of the pack, would Poker or Blackjack be as much fun?

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Depends on which version of Poker and/or Blackjack you’re playing :wink:


I guess different people have a different definition of fun which is fine. If the outcome of a game mainly depends on drawing your Ace it sounds like a boring game for me.

But afterall I don’t like gambling and luck based games in general. I prefer strategy based games.


I understand that @0rgetorix and while I appreciate that luck based games may not be everyone’s idea of fun, any game involving battles using creatures we have a say in building up will inevitably have an element of luck.

If there were no luck involved we could choose our 4 for every battle, and they would counter every other Dino perfectly. Hardly anyones idea of fun I would imagine.