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Think little OP?

Have to put up against a thor with This stats three at a row. 3-0!all that times. I say ludia went overboard with the speedboost ?? Whats Your opinion?

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These boosted Thors have been messing my team up too. Feels like they get 99% percent crit :joy:

They do the trick alright :joy::joy:

This is ridiculous.

game broken.
Ludia only Wants us to pay for boost
people leave game
no more money
end game


I love a comment earlier in the week saying read the room… So warning no one wants to hear this. I’ll only say it once.

Stat boosts should win and should place higher up the trophies. Match making so this Thor is playing weaker teams is a huge problem. You should not have higher trophies than this player with the evil Thor.

We need to cap tiers at 5 until 1.8. We need to sort out the uneven way boosts got bought. But if your team is unboosted you’ll have to accept it can’t beat boosted teams. Match making trying to fiddle scores to let the little guy place higher is wrong headed.

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Stat boost max 10 pct of base speed. Reduce iT, nobody payed for the speedboost So No problem to fix This i say

Had a battle before where my boosted Thor killed the WHOLE TEAM without taking ANY damage! I felt so horrible after it because of it.

I was going to invite the player to my alliance to say sorry but they were already in one.

This is how the fight went
I bring out OP Thor
They bring out Indo
Indo pops evasion
Thor one shots Indo through evasion with a crit

Player brings out Indominus
Indominus pops cloak
Thor crits Indominus through cloak with DSR and 1 shots it

Player brings in Tryo
Thor hits with its secondary attack half killing it
Tryo pops Ready to Crush
Thor uses Instant Charge and finishes Tryo

The entire match the opponent used THREE abilities, Evasion, Cloak and RTC. None of which did any damage!

This shouldn’t be happening, PERIOD!

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Yeah. But THOR have been to easy to make for a long time now.

All free sino in alliance.

So you think a game is fine where the top 500 can only be achieved if you spend money on tons of boosts? Because the top spots will be populated by boosted dinosaurs…
How does that tie in with being a game based on skill when even if you grind like crazy and max level your dinosaurs, they still can’t win if they are being one shotted by boosted ones!

That’s the definition of Pay to Win!

The leader boards should be filled with the best PLAYERS, not the most expensive DINOSAURS.

someone has told me datamine showed boosts for crits and shield…



RIP game

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Lets be real here… how many competitive games on mobile arent pay to win. Im not saying Im a fan of it… but its where mobile is as a platform.

The biggest problem with the way boosts were released is there isnt much of a grind option to earning more boosts per week outside of grinding tapjoy.

If the free dailies are 4… the bundles in the store should be 8-10… 6x per day is just to big a gap. Especially when match making doesnt place much weight on boosts.