Think of new battle in tournaments

Yes change tournament for better we all work very hard to level all dino at level 30
And I find it useless now… I have more than 25 dino at level 30… now the game is all about boost what a stupid thing… what ludia did is they place more than 3/4 of dino
Useless… I think ludia should wake up and
Change the tournament don’t use the boost in tournament and use only the dino level no
boost… boost really destroy the fun of the game… the purpose of the game is to level
All dino to level 30 and use those dino to show their strengths… and boost destroy that… ludia I think you should change that
In the next update… I use to love the game my son to and friends to … And now they
Live the game… it is very sad that ludia you
only think about you and money…really
you should think about people that love to play the game…

The tournaments are inherently bad on purpose, they don’t care about pushing out quality content. They won’t be changing much about them anytime soon