Think we can get some Strike Tower love with 1.8?

Maybe get some tech going for scaleable towers?

I appreciate the PvE events (pretty much the only fun aspect of the game I have left now). But there are just waaayyy too many strikes like todays strike.

I’m sure that the three people that started this morning appreciate todays strike tower, but for anyone who has played more then 1 week of JWA, it’s a total yawn fest these days. :neutral_face:


Agree, the grey ones end up being more of a chore than anything else. I’ve never understood why the towers don’t scale relative to team strength.


Even if you started playing today, it’s very hard to lose in these weak towers… they should make the Common towers a challenge to newcomers just like the Epic towers are a challenge for higher level players… or should I say, WERE a challenge… Epic strikes need rework too now that we have these boosts…


Only thing is that if they make them scale, then the rewards should too.

for my level + boost dinos, all week towers are now “free” incubators (not totally free because i spend a few minutes smashing them all).

towers could be personalized. different for me and a level 10 player for example. but i guess would be too severe for server. :frowning:

Yes boring in towers. What am i to do with 23 dna as reward? I had beat 3 stages to get 23 spino dna. I can shoot 1 dart and get more dna.


This. Even the 200+ common DNA you get is about equal to one darting session if you have VIP. Hardly an incentive.


another bad thing with 1.7 meta towers is:

90% DNA i get is useless. why? because what i said in other topic. with boost meta, i get some tyrant/apex great dinos and apply much boost on them. then, i get locked in this situation, i’ll never swap a tier 5 boosted dino to a fresh non-boosted one. so, i run even more to specific dna, in a snow ball situation.

this was already without boosts, if i get a tyrant unique like erlidominus or trykosaurus, i’ll never swap it for a lower creature. but with boosts, my boosted legendary/epic is in same problem: how brave i am to swap my level 23 procerathomimus with tier 5 boosts to a monostegotops with no boost?

we almost marry our teams when we apply much boosts.

and all that good dna from tower incubators i wont use, unless those elements to fuse my main team.


Well explained.