Thinking about getting the VIP


Hi guys I would love to hear from your experience using the VIP. A’m considering to get it at least before summer ends. Hope you can give me any tips on this subject.


It’s probably worth it for the first month since it comes with a free incubator, but honestly what they give you doesn’t justify $10 per month. Longer range doesn’t make as big a difference as it sounds, longer battery is similarly irrelevant. Supply Drop spins, for me, actually yield less Cash than they did when I wasn’t a VIP. I maxed out my daily Cash beforehand, and in the month I’ve had VIP I’ve only even spun cash maybe 4 times.

The more I play this game the more predatory it feels towards customers. It doesn’t want you to play it, it wants you to spend money on it. It is to a point where it almost actively inhibits you from playing the game unless you buy Cash. I can’t continue supporting this attitude towards the players and I would implore you not to as well.


Not worth it.

  • Range is pointless unless you’re obsessed with getting dinos in places you can’t reach

  • incubator, eh, w.e.

  • extra battery is just as pointless because they have a system that if a dino runs off some imaginary point in an imaginary map, it “escapes” even if you have a third or more battery life and since getting vip, it’s quite common, especially with epics, to the point that it seems preprogrammed just so you don’t get TOO much dna for what you’re supposed to be paying for.

  • extra prize on supply drops is also completely pointless because supply drops are EVERYWHERE and you still cap darts, coins and cash.

So literally every advantage it claims to give they have some actual restriction on so you’re not actually getting it and essentially throwing money away


And personally ive been burned by almost every purchase ive made in JA. They’re truly only out to get everyone’s money and screw everyone over


Also ludia is hiding posts that bring to light of their scamming even if you’re being 100% professional and not using insults or bad language. They don’t want to be exposed.

Also see for how ludia scams:


One-time only Epic incubator (worth a month’s subscription in itself)
Extended Drone range 33%
Extended Drone battery (time) 33% (so more DNA per hunt)
3rd reward on every supply drop
Double the daily coin limit
Access to premium incubator in shop

For me I pay VIP for the 33% extra drone battery, 3rd reward on supply drops and double daily coin limit - I think that’s all really helpful. I wish we got an epic incubator every month though as well.


Don’t do it. Devs that ignore their players, don’t answer at support requests, don’t solve obviously problems and don’t react anyhow at massive glitches, that devs don’t deserve to get any cent.


Please read this before deciding:

When your paying for VIP, you would expect to see more dinosaurs, like in Pokemon Go when you use the incent. However, in this game you dont really.

You will only see a few and you still need to keep walking to find them. So you will only discover what you normally would…

Then they give you one free epic incubator as you level up. Great… However, as you level up, it takes longer and longer. And catching all those common dinos just gets annoying.

Oh and leading on from that, you need tons of coins to level your big level dinos. Hmmm and they dont help you much with that for free. The supply drops only give you around 30 dollers on average.

Then theres the 33% off buying incubators… With false advertising… Just using clever marketing to squeeze every penny out of you.

You might like this game for a month. Collecting dinos and battling through the arena and building your way upm but then bang… Get to arena 7 and bots galore… Good luck! Also some shameful people purposely lower there battle scores tp dominate in lower arenas.

Honest opinion. Rest is up to you.


Right! They are just moneybags! Get Jurassic World Evolution instead! Of course i costs more than 10$, but you get MUCH more from it than you get here!


The VIP should add a new function to let it worth subscribed.

The function is : Let that support team deal with my report right now!!!
Believe it or not, this is the most important function I could imagine in this game.