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Thinking about leaving your alliance? Join one that plays like you do

Become a FOUNDING MEMBER of a new alliance WITHOUT leaving your current alliance.

How is this possible? This new alliance will not be created until we have enough seriously interested players gathered.

DracoHunter is looking to create a new sister alliance and bring together players who share the same game play values and enjoy playing casually.

There are many alliances to choose from, many which are 5/4. But why take the chance when we can build one together that is just right!

As a founding member you will help create a DNA request strategy that will bring fairness back to donation requests.

Struggling to reach Exploration Rank 5 will be a thing of the past. You will have the support of a 5/5 alliance to help guide and catapult the team into 5/4 with the high possibility of hitting 5/5.

Reaching the highly desired level 20 shared sanctuary is within our reach with both alliances working together. Our sanctuaries reach level 15+; last week we reached level 16 with just one alliance in play. Reaching level 20 is going to be a must to acquire that special DNA that will only be found through events and sanctuaries.

Openly communicate via Telegram. Communication will be key in order to ensure everyone’s thoughts and ideas are considered. Please make sure Telegram FZ-LLC is available to you.

If you play daily, complete your daily missions, enjoy battle for the benefits of the incubators, and don’t fret about trophy counts then this might be the right move to you with NO RISK.

Interested? PM me! Looking forward to hearing from you.


Best of luck! :+1:

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PM sent 10101010