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Thinking about removing Dracocera from my team


I don’t really like using it to begin with, I mostly use it against other Dracocera at this point. For revenge purposes, or as a last resort.
My hunting has taken a hit lately due to work too.
I’m just not sure who can take its place.

I love Edmonton, but its too slow, and Tuo doesn’t put out enough damage for my liking.
I almost want to level up my KoolaG2 as a counter to them since its faster and has swap in distraction. Lol



Don’t level anything up in order to counter DC since he’s getting nerfed soon. I’d work on Monosteg if you’re willing to risk the Monolophosaurus DNA. Vexus is likely to get a serious buff, and I don’t see Monosteg being beyond a Nerf, so it’s definitely a gamble, but that’s the direction I took with my team and haven’t regretted it, although it’s very likely I will come 1.7. Other than that, I don’t see any other short term options :).

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I would go for tryo, with a set up it’s unstoppable. Also great tryko counter


I wouldn’t be able to keep it on my team too long. All my dime dna is going to unlock Magna

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Oh you’re right, but maybe having it for a while until you get something else

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I could try it. Last time I had it on my team it just kept getting stomped on. Lol


Swap in distraction is getting buffed to 90% next update lol


I don’t see the need for a nerf on Mono but yea for draco. There is a “but” with draco as annoying the little cheap shot can be. Two times I’ve had a person pull in and take out the little stinker three times in battle and I took them out 3 to 1 because after the first time I can predict when they will send it back in and switch… so predictable. I end up whittling their team down and taking out all their other dino’s and finally the little rat. They are so tunnel visioned with that draco they aren’t paying attention to the rest of their team.

There is another “but” with draco. Teams with draco are weak without draco and when draco doesn’t get in their line-up, it’s a pretty easy win. Over all the win loose rate is around 50% with or without draco.

Tryco is a tough bugger though… sometimes like whittling down a big log. That one is where you got to anticipate their move in order to knock a big chunk out of them at the right time. Bleed and shield shattering gives a better edge on those.


Yes many of us know how to make a DC user lose but let’s keep that quiet please. I prefer folks quiting and waiting out the timer.


That little rat is a PITB for sure. But when it swaps in, I usually have something that I can swap in and take it out in a single hit. If not then, hope to predict it’s reappearance


You have a shortage on ourano too, we gotta get you a green chicken somehow. Have you considered two bleeders since sucho and spinota play different roles?

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It didn’t work out with two bleeders.
I get about two Ourano a week, its the dilo I need more.


I would share if I could :slight_smile:

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Utahsino would be an option too if you could get it leveled up a bit.

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Its a slow process with that. I’m wanting to level up my Spino. So Utah dna is split between the two.


I don’t know how I ended up with almost 28k Utah, i would share that too :slight_smile:

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Wish we had some indication of when 1.7 is coming. Making major changes and regretting them is harsh.


I gotta fess up, I’ve been using it too lately.

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I thought that Spinotahsuchus was Ankylodon for a second lol

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I would love a Legendary Ankylocodon. Lol