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Thinking Man's Game - Tips 'n Tricks!

Title says it all, this is a thinking game, if you wish to blindly play, you wont get far. Below are some tips to get your manly (or womanly) thinking cap charged up and ready to go:

  1. Only spend if you absolutely have to. “Gold = Energy” in this game, and it doesnt regen fast!

  2. Not all Legendaries are best in slot. Most legendaries are useless until you’ve acquired 7 or more of the same legendary. Body Armor is the exception to this rule. Always go for rarest body armor, its strictly stats.

  3. get the Cleric Epic neckpiece asap. it offers party wide AOE Regen. This changes everything. Its Epic rarity, so can farm it from dungeons and chests.

  4. Stack melee in front of ranged (except in the Forge Boss). This prevents “pushback” allowing your melee to stay in range of enemies that dont want them up close.

  5. Utilize Taunt + Counterattack on your tanks. Only use taunt on ONE tank at a time. Let them take turns, or provide off tank if their health gets too low. (If stuck with 2 or more tanks in one party).

  6. Its all in your head - this game is completely achievable and can be cleared without spending 10 bucks, or even anything. Make GOOD USE of Tapjoy if and when possible. (I made 30k gems in one weekend for example).

  7. Sell off your unnecessary gear, this gives you a TON of gold.

  8. Always do your free challenge whenever possible. If even to the first boss room, you stil get to roll a free D20.

  9. Dont forget to equip your pvp gear before going to pvp. Characters have gear that is better for pvp/pve depending what you are doing that day. Forgetting to switch can result in failed matches.

  10. Plan for a rainy day. Always have gold and enough gems in case you see a piece of gear to buy, or have an event to run, dont run your self out of resources without a plan to refresh.

  11. When building your party, try to have a mix of ranged and melee heroes. Plan based on the content you will be facing.

  12. 500Gems/4500Gems are the best go to purchase that can be accessed everyday. many times if you have the reserve to wait, they offer 10% and 20% bonus gold for gem purchases, these are worth waiting for. On average 1 gem = 20 gold. So if you loot 15 gems, that equates to approximately 300 gold.

  13. Remember, gold cant be used to buy pack special deals, try to keep 2500 gems in reserve for good 2for1 legendary packs.

  14. All heroes need to be levelled at some point, this is good for renown especially, but also pvp since you cannot pick and choose who gets in. Dont gimp your self by having 3 x lv13 heroes and 1x lv9 hero in pvp.

  15. Getting a new hero means alot of fast level ups, which means new rewards from renown. Level up every chance you can.

  16. Dont ignore daily quests, they give gold, gems and/or gear, on top of points towards next goal pack. You can only have 3 active at any given time, so make sure u keep the log clear.

  17. If youre new, or low level, when doing adventure or challenges, follow the tip arrow, it points to which room is easier for your party setup.

  18. Rooms with scrolls under them, mean there is an enemy within that gives points towards a daily quest.

  19. Dont forget to watch opponent timing, kill off enemies with timers that are ready soon, to get more turns on your side.

  20. Dont waste valuable special abilities on lower rooms (room 1,2,3,4 for example) save them for higher danger.

  21. Take advantage of easier higher level rooms. Skip turns, use crowd control and get all your cooldowns back to active before progressing. I use rooms like these to also power up Tommus and party defense through his Epic Weapon special.

  22. If you are VIP (VIP is worth it imo) dont forget to do the VIP PVP daily chest. After doing the regular chest requiring 20 pvp kills, u will get access to an additional 20 kill pvp chest (40 ills total per day for full rewards).

  23. if all your pvp chest slots are full, and you go into pvp and win, if you see a super rare chest appear and then leave because u are full - immediately clear a chest by using gems, and go back inside pvp and win again, you will have that chest waiting in an auto-que.

  24. generally it is better to let enemies come to you, then rush into them. Use crowd control abilities like immobilize, disarm and stun to greatly improve your chances at winning.

  25. You can fight just the first boss room (room 3) in a challenge dungeon and quit to get a D20 roll.

  26. When facing Minotaurs, make sure they dont have the chance to move in a spot adjacent to your team, they will do AOE massive damage.

  27. It is possible to kill opponents several levels hgiher than you. Just follow the guides on gear, and pick superb strategy.

  28. PVP arena level maxxes out at lv 7 which is around 2k~ score. After that there is no higher reward level,. although players exists that have scores above 20-30k now.

  29. Connectivity issues are generally a client side issue, not server side. Make sure your caches are clean, your wifi connection or data is good, and not alot of other apps are running in the background. keeping your system clean is key.

  30. Remember - the game is not actually hard, its just math. get the right numbers (gear and levels) and everything is a piece of cake. Ive never struggled in the game (although bot ranger can be annoying - plase fixxxx).

Enjoy and good luck :slight_smile:

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I’ve seen this tossed around. What’s the source for this tip?

Everything else I agree with.

Its based on my own personal experience. Generally the non arrow will be approximately 25% harder but aometimes easier by 25%. The arrow has all been an equivalent challenge.

Hmm I don’t remember a tip arrow… I wish I had noticed it while I was going through

I thought so too, but we will never know because we can’t go back to the other room to check. More often than not, I do pick the one with the tip arrow. But there are times, based on the description I take the other door, and am glad I did lol.

The tip arrow has nothing to do with difficulty, but the chance you can predict what monster is behind it.
Source: FAQ

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Thats appreciated, but only a vague description.