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Thinking of camping


Had a streak of good matches and ended up in avairy for the first time. Past tourneys i would have kept playing as an epic incubator isnt all that much… but i literally get 250 more erli dna for not playing then if i where to play. Ive yet to encounter erli in the wild so that dna is worth it to me… why risk bad rng and not being able to get back up.

I will say i hope ludia decides to put highest rank achieved during next tourney. Because the biggest problem for me with camping is not battling. I enjoy it.


that’s only 1 erlidominus fuse though
to each their own


Thats also more or as much erli dna then ive encountered in my playing time since late july. I might break down and do some battles its a long way to go.


I think they will from what I’ve read. It’s in their best interest that players don’t camp, and they know it :wink:


I seen in the survey a question if we wanted it implemented before they started working on the new tournaments… so its in the works i dont know if it will make it in before the next tournament

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At that rate it will only be 8-9 years to make Erlidominus probably not sure camping is a good idea just for the DNA


Just camp! if you look at prizes you would have to get into top 100-200 to get more erlik from the tourney (prob over 500 more trophies) around 4.7k you will start to see things like lvl 28-30 full unique teams so weigh up, if facing that do you really have a chance? if not you already at the best prize you could hope for! Just ignore arena and farm up DNA in the wild, hit strike events to keep that rarer DNA coming in without arena incubs etc…


Thats what i was planning… i already faced a level 30 allosaur on my way to 4500… cant imagine it will get easier.


I’m currently at > 4,800 trophies (max so far > 4,900 this tourney) and have yet to encounter such a team… the most annoying dinos I see frequently are dilorach and tryko, but not very high level. Not too much of a problem with the right counters, though.

RNG has been more annoying… yesterday I kept on losing, but climbed right back up today. Go figure.

As long as I stay > 4,500 camping isn’t worth it… battles can be fun :smile:


And give up 2 weeks of incubators?
Thats almost a full cycle including an epic incubator.


My normal cycle takes about a week due to the fact i speed up alot of incs… its true i am giving up alot of dna… but honestly so much of that dna is garbage its the exta coins ill be missing more then all that miragia… stygi gen 2 dna

Im actually more decided to take this opportunity to take a break from arena ive been averaging over 30 battles a day now for months… some days its way more my lowest may have been 10… i will work on some tapjoy offers and work on some games…


It’s too soon to camp. I am in the yo-yo region between aviary and lockwood, which makes a huge 250 erliko DNA difference. I already went 150 trophies deep in lookwood when I would normally be at the border or even 50 trophies up aviary. I’d consider camping in the last week, but it’s still 13 days to go…

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It’s way to early for this crazy talk you speak of