Thinking of saving Irex for Erlidominus

I have Erliko at a 17, but am thinking long term. Is it worth it or should I velo hunt to level indor who is a 23 now? Thanks ahead of time for opinions!

Problem with him right now is he can get one shotted if he is not over leveled if RNG is against you :confused:

Well that’s kind of disheartening :thinking:

imo indoraptor is better suited in current meta. Erlidominus could have its spot in a different one. My plan has always been to level up indoraptor to 30 until even considering erlidominus.

Now he reached 30, I guess my t-rex DNA is going to tryko (sorry erlidominus, you remind me too much of old cheaters) :joy:


erlidominus has it’s moments. the minimal speed up strike is really useful against things like monomimis, the unique dilo, etc. plus it’s immune.

i live in L3, and mine is only 23. the problem is you just don’t see many erlikosaurus and you need 200 per fuse. i’d definitely level indoraptor first because you will see it’s components way more often.

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At the moment I do not have that problem. The erlikosauro is, by far, the strangest dino to me. My team has on average 22 while this creature is at level 11 (creation) + 380 DNA leftovers (I could take it to level 13). That means that in 5 months of play I got 530 DNA from this creature and to merge the Erlidominus I would need 2500 more to take it to level 20 and then a minimum of 1600 more to get the creation of the Erlidominus. making a rule of three, they should spend 40 months, more than three years, for it :slight_smile:

A person would sure like to assume that uniques would be superior to legendaries, but just like rares to commons, epics to rares and legendaries to epics it is not always the case. It looks like velo hunting is in my near future. The input is appreciated!

Afraid some of the uniques are very fragile at the moment. Erlidom is one of them.


Agree with pp, I would focus on Indoraptor. I usually have no difficulty dealing with Erlidominus (and I’m only in Arena 8), but a higher level Indoraptor is a different story.

it can do this though… hardly ever play utarinex, so i forgot it could instant charge and should have cloaked. but it could have solo’ed that whole team

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I wouldn’t call Erlidominus “very fragile”. The meta is not made for it that’s it. He’s not designed to deal with shields or amor and lot of threats in this meta are based on (hello stegodeus :heart_eyes:).
It has an explosive moveset with its raw attack stat combined to immunity and self speed increase.

He can 1v1 a large range of dinosaurs almost 100% of the time (not relying on its cloak). Not bad for a “very fragile” unique :wink:

Once again, you can’t compare a level 22 erlidominus with a level 27 whatever. That’s not how balance is working.


I like him lol! I am on the fence again now… thinking I will wait until after the next update to decide and save irex for now.

Hunting velos is a pita, I’m a huge morning person (not by choice) and everytime I venture out at night I think hmmm is deer hunting with my car really worth it?

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Stats at lvl24, his life is so low, and his speed compared to agressive uniques too, i think he need like 300,500 more life, a defense shatering skill, and a impact and run or rampague and run, also whit 1,2 more speed minimum.
He need a lot of things to be apex really, utharinex outspeed him, oneshot him if cloak dont work and his set is infinite better than him. Elridominus is so dificult to fuse, even in l3 zone since months usually must use epic scents if i want see elrikosaurus, and in stegodeus, trykosaurus, utharinex, indoraptor, monomimus meta he is weak

I agree.
Speed is a huge downfall for a unique with that low health. Even with the start of a speed inc attack you are still barely alive, if at all, if you get struck

Yeah let think elridominus vs utharinex, if you start whit speed up you die oneshoted by his op rampague dmg or by this +instant charge. If you start whit cloak and cloak dont work(usually work 20% of times like indominus) you being oneshoted by rampague too. All because have 1 less speed than utharinex. Atm i think elridominus is worst than indominus rex lol, elridominus have near 1k less life, and no defense shatering skills and the diference of speed dont matter cause both are slowest than meta dinos lol, so we grind months to unlock him to have a worst version of indominus xd

Add a swap in stun for 2 turns 100% and instant defense shattering rampage. That should be barely fine. Maybe 40% armor too? I don’t know

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After recommending against Erlidominus my A team was just destroyed by an Erlidominus … and now I’m not so sure anymore :roll_eyes:

the move set is fine. we figured out on another thread that at level 30, a cloak + rampage + crit does like 10k damage which, while not shattering or armor piercing, is probably the highest in the game.

it’s HP needs to be along the lines of indoraptor though. or even more, since they are both made from IREX, but erlikosaurus has more HP than a v-raptor. at 24, indoraptor has like 800 more HP than erlidominus. if it had at least that HP, it would be OK.

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I NEED to complete my collection. So what I did was calculate the max Velo I would need to create Erlidom on all 10s at every step. Once I got stocked to that number, I’d allocate Velo wherever else I needed/wanted.
I think I have 20k stocked now, and if I can create Erlidom more efficiently than expected… surplus is goin straight into Indo :ok_hand:t2:

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