Thinking of saving Irex for Erlidominus

Well he had those stats before big nerf, dont know if you play the game in that time, but he has more life and a defense piercing and run if i dont remember bad, yes that was op in squishy raptor meta but now elridominus is the squishy, he need more speed and life, and that strike and run change for impact and run, is unaceptable a dificult unique have that skill meanwhile simply legendaries have impact and run lol.
Im my opinion elridominus must be more op than indoraptor, cause indoraptor is way more easy to create and leveling

this. i can get 2000 raptors to fuse indoraptor in like 10 minutes sometimes. i live in L3 and see an erlikosaurus maybe once every 3 days.

Aha thanks I was playing and I tracked exactly what he had. He had 600 more life but 130 less attack, 5 less speed (huge) and 15% less critical.

He never had shattering, he only had an armor piercing impact. And it was replaced with a strike and run for balance reason with his family (erliko)[read patchnotes] . Moreover his base attack has been greatly increased because it was only a simple strike before, and now it comes with an increase speed in bonus. You “forgot” to mention what he really got from the update.

This dinosaur is more complexe than “buff him to madness cause I want an OP Dino”.

The thing I want to see reworked is the strike and run that should be an impact. Maybe they feared the abuse with the increase speed attack guaranteeing him to take only one hit before swapping with an approaching swap in meta but his low life should prevent these situations against equal level field opponents.
But shattering attack? Just no.

Just 1 + speed and impact and run will be ok, a armor piercing skill would be awesome too and not unbalanced, i know some people have elridominus at 27+ and they have him out of the team for some reason meanwhile utharinex is everywhere