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Thinking of swapping Erlidominus for Magnapyritor when I'll have it

Since Erlidom can now be slowed, its revenge cloak is nearly useless.


Class: Fierce changed to Fierce and Cunning.
Armor Piercing changed to Jack of all Trades.
Immunity changed to None.
Attack changed to 1450. HP changed to 3900.
Stun Res.: 100%
Swap Prevention Res.: 75%
Rend Res.: 50%
Distraction Res.: 50%
Crit Chance Reduction Res.: 50%
DOT Res.: 100%
Vulnerability Res.: 100%
Deceleration Res.: 100%

Magna can’t be decelerated, kind of resists distraction, resists half rend, cannot bleed, can’t be stunned, or made vulnerable. Lower crit chance / attack, but higher hp, more survivability, can nullify shields/dodge/cloak, and can break shields.


Strike And Run changed to Distracting Impact.
Cloak changed to Revenge Cloak.
Immunity changed to None.
Attack changed to 1500. HP changed to 3000. Critical % changed to 40%.
Stun Res.: 100%
Swap Prevention Res.: 100%
Rend Res.: 50%
Distraction Res.: 100%
Crit Chance Reduction Res.: 100%
DOT Res.: 100%
Vulnerability Res.: 50%
Deceleration Res.: 50%
Higher crit and attack but low hp, can be slowed, its distraction won’t save it from Tryko, it cannot beat the longnecks anymore either. Revenge cloak barely gets a chance to shine. Harder to level up compared to magna now, since Magna needs just 2 rares and an epic.

I kept mine. :smiley:

Yeah, seems like a good alternative to erlidom as a speedster. And looks cool too. Now easier to unlock/level.

I always preferred it over Erli, its moveset fit my battle style more than Erli does.

Erli used to be awesome when it couldn’t be slowed. Would have given up its distraction resistance for anti-slow.

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I think I will join you in that boat.

I took out an erlidom early with Tenrex. Just hit it with resilient strike and it literally can do anything

Zoro also win speed battles no matter what now too with the null counter as it means Erli cannot get its speed up NO MATTER WHAT

Yeah it’s a real letdown this patch. I’m definitely taking mine out, thinking of putting tenontorex back in.

Tenonto is a beast now, but I’m scared he’ll get nerfed into oblivion.

i think tenonto is relatively balanced. could have the precise superiority strike instead, but she does seem balanced. i love the heal on her. Tank the Maxima rampages and heal then finish it with DSR.

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I’ll need a bit more speed on mine, and some HP, maybe a 7/3 split between them, rest in attack.