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Third incubation chamber

As for now, the third incubation chamber is gone, and prices are back to 100 db. Would love to have these things announced… maybe it has been announced, and I missed it???.. would love to see the third chamber return, and maybe even more the lower db price…

Wouldn’t we all


The third chamber comes and goes as it pleases.
I was going hard on the Yutyrannus tournament…I didn’t get a chance to make use of it.

I don’t get why they don’t just leave it there. I use it and therefore spend more DB when it’s available and that seems to be Ludia’s goal in everything. It’s win-win as far as I can see.


I used to spend BinoDucks on it too. Love this feature…when it’s available.

Ludia thrives on these in game bottlenecks. Perhaps players are less inclined to speed up an evolution if there are 3 chambers.