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Third Unique down!

I just made Stygidaryx yesterday, now I have this big boy.


Should I speed boost it? It doesn’t seem like it needs it, but I’m just wondering.

Tryko shines when both fast or slow: mine’s at 126, I might boost more later but probably not for a while since I feel like it doesn’t need it. IMO, you really only need to speed boost it if you want to get priority over other Trykos and Dioraja.

Tip: if you’re faster in either matchup, never use priority moves or DSR until after your opponent has used Instant Distraction. If you’re slower, try and save Instant Distraction until T2 against other Trykos, unfortunately dio is harder to counter on account of its superiority strike.

I have my tryk at 134 speed and it’s a beast


lvl 23 with 2003 base damage as well

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Are we showing our trykos?

Awesome, I got mine to tier 3 speed and he absolutely wrecks Indoraptor.

i always win when my tryko is slower than opponent’s.
at some point: player instant distract, then i instant distract.
next turn: i am clean and player are 90% distracted. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

CHOMP! :japanese_goblin:


Totally true. I’ve seen too many fast Trykos get stuck with distraction because they use a priority move at the wrong time (I guess they’re on autopilot?). It’s one reason I haven’t boosted for 142 speed or even 134.

Tryko is one of the best mind games in the arena, but only if you don’t always use the same move order.


Speed boosting is a disadvantage (IMHO) against other Tryk’s. You distract first then, then they distract you, then they chomp. My slower Tryk usually beats the faster one. Boosting health and attack is good though. Again, just my opinion here.

I feel like everyone thinks I’m for speed boosting a tryko. I personally think it’s fine either way like I said in my first post:

I love not having to rely only on speed with Tryko, unlike the glass cannons on my team.

I guess I’m not used to people replying to my posts.

love mine

Why would the faster tryko distract? If they push the attack the faster will always win

Totally agree, but you would be surprised at how many do.