This 10+ Crit Chance tournament is one of my favorites so far!

Most of the tournament formats this month have been pretty controversial ones, but this current tournament is by far my favorite. This is actually one of my favorite tournaments ever! I’ve played a pretty good amount of battles, and this is where I’m at so far.

(Anurognathus is more of a joke/test creature, but I have 3-0ed a team of uniques with them, so don’t underestimate these little guys!)

While there are the usual top tier creatures you’ll see on every team (Skoona, SR3, Parathops), this tournament is a great opportunity to use the newest creatures and buffs, such as Albertospinos, Andrewtops, Troodoboa, and even Anurognathus. It’s also nice to see Quetzorion and some non-uniques with viability.

How is everyone else enjoying this tournament?


I almost want to use anuro just to test it out lel


I love this tournament! It’s so much fun to use creatures that are used, especially for me cause I’m using Ankylomoloch, which I’ve won with in this btw.


I can actually use Skoona and parasauthops without having to worry about a max boosted p-Rex or Thor. Skill tournament that allow uniques are the best in my opinion

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I think most skill tournaments are fun in general (aside from… that one…), but this one has been really great. Now the arena is filled with apexes, being able to battle with uniques without an apex popping in is a huge relief. Most uniques really feel balanced by comparison to the apexes.

The only thing ruining it is the same thing that has been ruining them for sometime now - speed ties.


WOW! Is Preon allowed with that frenzy move, or is it epic, legendary, unique only

NVM I’ll just use toolbox

Update: anuro kills compyc

I agree! Very fun. Nothing dominating, nothing annoying. Good work Ludia.

This is the team I’m running. Granted I’m not high in the slightest yet, but it’s been working well nonetheless.


i wonder what’s the point of a tournament with common, rare, epic, legendary, unique… when someone would use commons? when the player doesn’t have enough higher rarity dinos to compete?