This Community Has Changed

I want to be real here. This community when I first joined wasn’t as toxic and crazy as it is now. Sure, there were some complaints about stuff here and there, now it’s just constant complaining “Ludia this” and “Ludia that”, and I’m not saying we should stop that, it works sometimes, but the toxicity the community has become is just unreal. Now I’m not calling any names or referring to any one here because there are those that aren’t what some are, but some people can just be rude and spam everything here about how bad Ludia is, when they probably don’t know how much they go through everyday to please us. This community has changed a lot, and I’m not referring to anyone here, but it has changed, and not in a good way. It’s just become a toxic wasteland, so hopefully everything becomes better.

And to add another thing: The community has become worse ever since they did their “discard forums” stuff. It was a horrible decision that led to the community becoming worse on discord. Ludia, if you see this, please reconsider not shutting down the forums, and let us use both this and Discord.


Preach bro

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I 100% agree with this


Hopefully this one doesn’t get disabled like the last one.


the other one was a sensitive topic

It was actually because people were getting off topic from the original post

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The Indonemys one?

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10 whatever

yes :skull: :skull_and_crossbones: :skull: :hot_face:

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That one was going to blow up some time or another.

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I have a question for those that have joined the community before me: What was the forum like back then? How often did people complain about Ludia messing up?

This is for people who have joined the forum before I did, so I can know what it was like.


the peeps were nicer then


I’ve been reading topics without actually logging in for about a year. But once I actually logged in a month ago, it like completely changed all the sudden!

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That’s how it felt when I joined over a year ago😂 Honestly 2020 may have been the best year for the forum


Also there were Nerf monlometrodon threads everywhere :skull_and_crossbones: :skull: :skull:


I umm… thought the forum was always like this.
Change Draco for the current OP dino of the day, change the poster name…
And it’s pretty much identical.
Lots of names changed though.

The bugs, lag, and clunkiness of the game have been around since beta.
(The game actually ran SMOOTHER in beta)

Same forum, different names.


The lag was nothing like it is now.

2018 and early 2019 were the best years on the forum I think. Once Alliances, swap ins, and Boosts were added, everything changed.

2020 was when the forums started getting more “strict” and toxic IMO.


that’s what i was thinking too.


I actually found discord through the forum lol. Before alliances we’re even a thing. It started with a thread about dino butts and the rest is history :rofl:. I thought it was helpful when I joined and we actually had good conversations and could joke around with each other. I found life long friends in people I originally “met” on the forum.


Oh it definitely got more strict.
In the beginning you could post almost anything.
Now I have to triple check and proof read my posts to ensure they are PG-13.
Having to go from reddit/Discord marathon posting to suddenly switching to the forums has gotten me in trouble once or twice. LOL