This decision is hard

So… There’s an indominus gyroshere
event that costs 1k bucks. And having indominus would make my team a lot stronger. Is it worth it?

what your lineup first

Hmm yeah, i think you shouldn’t do it cause

  1. Its a waste of bucks if your not good
  2. You have 1 component of Indominus already so just wait
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You don’t have enough bucks


I know. I’m thinking of buying bucks

It sure will make your team stronger, but the chance of you winning it on the first go is very slim, and because you’re gonna buy bucks, all I can say is just research on the tactics to win in the gyrosphere in the least tries possible. Sionsith’s YT channel has a great video on this, there are some threads that deal with this and have a lot of info.


I dont recommending this, Indominus rex is hybrid that is avaible for every player. What matter is, if you are patient, with saving ur DNA for him.